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CBD Oil (Cannabidiol)

Chakra Extracts: CBD Oil MedTincture Drops, MediVape Vapes, MediRub Topicals and Dabs

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As a proud member of the National Hemp Association, Chakra Extracts have become a worldwide leader in the Hemp and CBD market. They operate in both a wholesale and retail capacity with their in-house cultivation of hemp in what is described as a state of the art manufacturing facility.

Chakra Extracts work closely with the local farmers and the extractors which are key in ensuring quality product from company to customer. Without a quality extractor, the plants grown carefully by the farmers fall by the wayside.

Their website states that while working closely with their team they are able to produce industry-leading pharmaceutical-grade CBD from the hemp farms. The farms are in Colorado, United States. Their products are hand-crafted and consciously made; thoughtful, responsible and gentle in their skills and production.

Now, let’s get into some facts.

What is CBD?

CBD is a compound that has been proven to show significant medical benefits. CBD is made in a way that does not leave the consumer feeling high as other marijuana/hemp products can as a result of the THC. CBD is a hemp extract and is produced legally in Colorado, United States and contains little to no THC at all. Without the THC, the CBD is non-psychoactive and is appealing to people who want and require the relief and benefits from CBD.

As mentioned above, the process in which this CBD is made and how it arrives at the consumer does not contain any properties that will cause you to feel high as if you smoked marijuana with THC for example. The CBD by Chakra Extracts will leave you with a calm, relaxed and therapeutic relief feeling. Their products are made with patented Co2 Solventless Super Critical Extraction in their processes. Consider viewing CBD as a natural alternative to the pharmaceutical products many people take; narcotics and prescriptions specifically.

How Does Chakra Extracts Make their CBD?

Without getting too scientific on you, the extraction processes used by Chakra Extracts includes cannabinoids and fatty acids that are found in hemp plants. From this point, they formulate their Crystals with a safe and eco-friendly Hydrocarbon extraction process. Then, they are winterized to remove the fats and lipids from the product.

Anything not used for the final product is removed with a device called a rotary evaporator. Then, the oils are put through a second evaporation process and then it is decarboxylated before going into the final stages of creating the crystals.

In simple terms, the process includes converting the acidic forms of CBDa to non-acidic resulting in CBD through gentle heat to break up the acidity.

Although these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, Chakra Extracts is confident that consumers should not have any issues when it comes to drug testing. Because their products are tested constantly and contain no THC there should not be any issues – however, you are encouraged to use your own discretion.

Chakra Extracts Available Products

On their website, there is a long list of available products. The following is a summary of the more common products consumers like you, are looking for.

Med Tincture Oil – Oral Drops ($29.99): This CBD oil is the most common way that people consume CBD. The potency ranges from 250mg to 2,000mg based on your needs. Chakra. Extracts describe this as ‘soil to oil’. This is a possible claim given their entire footprint from start to finish. A CBD version of Farm to Table.

Leah Jones, a first time CBD user says;

Very happy with the product I have received, have only been using about half a dropper a day so far in the am and then half that half if I’m having any pain near the end of the day. Wouldn’t have known about this company if it wasn’t for highcountrystoner. Very pleased and will purchase again.

Isolate Powder – ($39.99): This product is non-GMO, pesticide free and is organically grown by the same farmers discussed throughout this article. This product comes in crystallized form and is 99.8% pure CBD and 100% THC free. This product is also available for wholesale by contacting the company.

Additional products in the Chakra Extracts line include;

  1. MediRub Lotion for $34.99
  2. MediRub Muscle Cream for $39.99
  3. MediVape – prefilled cartridge for $29.99
  4. Vape Pen Battery Cell for $19.99
  5. TerpFusion – High Terpene Isolate for $39.99 (currently sold out)

For a full list of products along with their benefits and descriptions, you are encouraged to visit the website.

Overall, Chakra Extracts appears to be a leader in the CBD and Hemp markets with affordable pricing and wholesale availability. There is a full disclosure of their lab testing also available online and transparency is always important in this market as you can imagine.

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What Is CBD?

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