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Golf Champion, Greg Norman Enters CBD Industry With GGB Beauty Partnership

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Golf Champion, Greg Norman Enters CBD Industry With GGB Beauty Partnership

In a recent post shared by CannabisNow, it has been revealed that Australian professional golfer of the early and late nineties, Greg Norman has officially dived into the cannabidiol (CBD) market.

As per the claims made, Norman has partnered with an Ohio-based Green Growth Brands (GGB)’s arm, GGB Beauty. GGB serves as a firm that bridges gaps by creating a database filled with “retailers, scientists, botanists, developers, artists and business leaders,” as noted on their official website. Some of the brands that they carry to date include CAMP, Seven7h Sense, Meri + Jayne, Green Lily, the+source Dispensaries and xanthic.

One might wonder where exactly Norman fits into this scenario. Well, it seems like GGB Beauty, Greg Norman and Authentic Brands Group (ABG) will be coming together to deliver a CBD-focused personal care line. The official paper works have been completed on February 6th, 2019, as shared by The GrowthOp, and the main supplier will be none other than Canadian pharmaceutical and cannabis firm, Tilray Inc.

The future line will focus primarily on delivering CBD essentials to active men and women. Considering the fact that the Greg Norman Brand has already attained massive attention from consumers, this endeavor is believed to set the bar even high within the CBD industry.

Norman has since expressed excitement in his new partnership. From what has been shared, it seems like the golfer seems to value CBD and its health benefits, especially considering that he’s “been through it all, on the golf course and in business.”

In response, CEO of GGB, Peter Horvath also shared anticipation in the opportunity that he has landed.

He reports that the partnership,

“allows us to work with a world-renowned athlete and entrepreneur in Greg Norman while partnering with ABG, who have been the visionaries behind some of the world’s most iconic and celebrated brands.”

What are your thoughts on former sportsmen and women entering the CBD industry? Was it bound to happen? If so, let us know why in the comments below!

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