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CBD Oil in Drug Tests: Top Reasons Why Cannabis Compound Cannabidiol Won’t Show Up in Urine Tests

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CBD Oil Drug Test

Why Does CBD Oil Not Show Up in Drug Tests

Does CBD oil show up in random drug tests? Do you have to be concerned if random drug tests at the company will show that you use a hemp related product? If you use CBD oil, chances are that you might be worried about the possibility CBD oil showing up on your drug tests. And you’re not alone.

The good news is that CBD oil never shows up in drug tests. How’s this possible? After all, its sister compound THC does show up. Well, the answer is pretty simple:

More Focus on THC

During drug tests, people’s urine, blood, sweat, and/or hair are randomly tested for illicit substances. These tests often carried out randomly in the workplace, are designed to find out if the person is ingesting prescription or psychedelic drugs.

The most common way to do this is through urine drug testing (UDT) and the use of both a screening test and a confirmatory test. The first detects substances, the second actually confirms the presence of whatever substances are in the urine.

When companies carry out their random drug tests, they’re typically looking for substances potentially capable of impairing your cognitive abilities, affecting your productivity at work, and putting you at risk of endangering others.

In this instance, THC is the only hemp substance that does this. CBD oil doesn’t get you high or affect your productivity negatively, so there’s no need to test for it.

Drug tests focus on the presence of 11-nor-deltag-caboxy-THC, a major metabolite of the psychoactive substance. This is why CBD oil users aren’t flagged for the consumption of illicit drugs.

Even then, you need to be very careful about the CBD oils you buy and use. Many watered down CBD oils contain trace amounts of THC. If the volume of THC present in the oil is above 0.03 percent, chances are it’ll show up on random drug tests.

According to Barry Sample, Quest Diagnostic’s Director of Science and Technology,

“If the product contains only CBD and has had the THC removed, then an individual being tested would not be expected to test positive for marijuana or marijuana metabolite.”

So, make sure to only buy pure, highly potent CBD oils, even if they’re more expensive. Poor quality CBD oils can contain significant amounts of THC, enough to trigger a false positive and put you in trouble.

This is important considering that you need to be careful about how much THC you ingest. The truth is it doesn’t matter if you have THC in detectable levels in your body. Once a random drug screen reveals it, you could potentially lose your job or face disciplinary workplace measures.

Final Thoughts

If you’re in doubt about your workplace’s stance on CBD oil, talk to your HR person about it. If you’d rather not have the conversation in person, you can simply check the company policy guidelines for acceptable drugs and substances.

Companies aren’t currently testing for CBD. However, you should keep yourself updated about any new updates. This way, if a drug test is carried out, you wouldn’t be caught off-guard.

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