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Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO): Whole Plant Entourage Effect Benefits

Jane S



Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO) Guide

Cannabis has become the latest source of health and beauty products, but the trouble is that it can be very difficult to determine what type of cannabis product to purchase. After all, cannabis products come in the form of edibles, oils, concentrates, vapes, and many others.

A component of many of these products that many individuals may notice is FECO, also known as Full Extract Cannabis Oil. This type of cannabis oil has its own special set of benefits and qualities, which may make it more preferable than other options on the market. Here is everything that you need to know when considering whether to purchase a FECO product.

The Basics Of FECO

Most cannabis oil is derived from the leaves and seeds; very few use the flower like FECO. To separate the cannabis resin from the plant material, brands often use solvents. Because FECO is made from the flower and all of the key compounds are retained, it is one of the most powerful options.

The concentrated quality of FECO means that it is often used for serious medical issues. For instance, FECO is often used by those who have cancer, epilepsy, and many other health conditions.

One of the main distinguishing factors between FECO and other oils is that the former is extracted from the plant in a manner distinct from the traditional method. While traditional oils are extracted using CO2 and BHO, FECO is extracted differently. The alternative extraction process results in a stronger, much more concentrated, and potentially more effective product.

FECO As A Medicine

Cannabis users tend to gravitate toward FECO, especially if it is for medical purposes. As previously mentioned, FECO is extremely concentrated and is thus stronger than its counterparts.

FECO can be used as medicine because it has a high concentration of terpenes, chemical components, and cannabinoids. There are about 545 chemical components, and 100 various terpenes. Together, these compounds may be extremely beneficial. And for many, it is unsurprising that FECO is regularly considered to be the go-to option for health conditions.

Comparing FECO To Other CBD Products

There are many different types of cannabis products on the market, and though FECO is certainly a strong option, there are others that users may want to consider. Here is an overview how FECO oil differs from other oils:


The main difference between CBD oil and FECO is that FECO features much more THC. However, the THC concentration may be one of the reasons that many opt to stay away from FECO – they do not want to deal with the hallucinogenic properties that may arise.

FECO Oil Vs Vaping

Unsurprisingly, the most significant difference between FECO oil and vaping is that the latter is vaped, while the former is consumed orally. Also, vamping may not provide as strong of an effect as FECO, which is why people may prefer one or the other.

FECO Vs Edibles

Both of these products are consumed orally. Edibles are pretty concentrated as well, but unlike FECO, the taste is hidden in the food that is being consumed. FECO can be added to food as well, though – which is certainly an option for many.

Purchasing FECO Oil

Those who are looking to purchase FECO oil need to be aware that it is important to verify if it is legal according to their local laws. Laws very from state to state, so it is imperative to check the laws on one’s jurisdiction.

Another consideration to take into account is whether one should actually be using FECO. It is useful to consult with one’s medical professional before doing so.

Using FECO Oil

Those who can use FECO oil legally and in a manner that comports with their medical needs may also need to consider how to use the oil.

Because the FECO oil is so concentrated, it may be best to start with a very small amount. Other factors to consider include one’s medical needs, one’s weight, age, and tolerance for CBD products.

It is also useful to note that FECO can cause side effects. Even though cannabis products are generally safe, FECO oil contains 40% THC and as a result, it can cause psychoactive effects. The psychoactive issues can be challenging for many, so if one does not do well with such an effect, it may be best to try something else.

Ultimately, there are a number of considerations to take into account in determining whether FECO oil is a better option that traditional CBD products. Taking these considerations into account can lead to better results at the end of the day.

Jane is a regular contributor who learned about the great benefits of CBD a few years ago after starting it herself. Impressed by its effects, she's interested in helping others learn about options that can be helpful for them.

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