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MedCBDx: Patented CBD Chewing Gum and Cannabidiol Hemp Oil Lozenges Mints

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Are you a consumer of CBD? Or, thinking about it? MedCBDX encourages you to forget the pharmacy for effective health benefits and look to them instead. They are presently providing consumer with safe CBD based products that help with anti-aging. The products are described to be quickly absorbed by the body for fast and enhanced benefits without the complications that can occur from your everyday supplements.

Benefits of MedCBDX Products

In addition, to the above mentioned anti-aging benefits, the products from MedCBDX are also effective in the relief of pain and discomfort including, inflammation. Imagine you could relieve aches and pains without putting any harsh chemicals into your body. Whether pharmaceuticals be over the counter or provided by a pharmacist, they contain ingredients that are harmful to your body. And, often come with a long list of side effects – some worse than the condition being ‘treated’.

CBD oil is among one of the products made by MedCBDX and delivered through their unique product line. CBD oil is well known for its ability to fight the negative effects of aging and provide relief to aches and pains. These pains are typically felt in the joints, muscles and nerves and CBD can help deliver effective relief fast and safe.

The CBD delivered by this company, do not come with the effects of feeling high but instead help your body naturally overcome a host of health challenges due to the aging process.

MedCBDX Products Available to Consumers

MedCBDX has two (2) CBD products;

  1. MedCBDX Gum
  2. MedCBDX Lozenges

MedCBDX Gum ($19.99 for 8 pieces of gum in a blister pack):  This product is unique to the market and is made with a patented formula. It is said to deliver the relief effects of CBD five times faster than any other tablets, capsules or liquids. It is a product you can take easily – after all, you’re chewing a piece of gum – and discreetly.

The CBD gum is designed for natural pain relief. It has a fast and effective dosage of CBD oil contained within that delivers its benefits through your oral mucosa versus your digestive tract. When CBD is delivered through your digestive tracts, it can become up to 10% less effective for your body. What this means is, by chewing the CBD gum, you will get faster relief and less discomfort than other products.

MedCBDX CBD Lozenges ($19.99 for 16 lozenges in each tin): Like the gum, this product can be discreetly consumed. It is portable and easy to consume. The CBD Lozenges by MedCBDX dissolve in your mouth like a regular lozenge are a great alternative to swallowing pills or even consuming the oils through a dropper. These lozenges can be taken throughout the day, without any psychoactive effects.

Why MedCBDX?

Let’s face it, too many people suffer from constant pain and discomfort. In some cases, this pain can be debilitating, and the only relief has been through harmful pharmaceuticals. CBD is an effective alternative to traditional and medical methods. CBD provides natural inflammation relief and can help control further inflammation and aid in pain reduction – almost immediately.

MedCBDX offers something to the market yet seen. With their patented products they offer solutions that others cannot duplicate anywhere. Their manufacturing process has allowed them to create functional chewing gum with custom, active ingredients.

In addition to the products available for sale on their website, they also offer a white label option for companies. If this is something of interest, you are encouraged to contact them directly.

While on their website, you can also peruse their blogs, find out more information of CBD in general and explore how their processes are ground breaking in the marketplace.

Overall, CBD oil has been proven time and time again to provide natural relief to thousands of consumers. MedCBDX allows you to take advantage of these benefits through discreet delivery with their gum and lozenges. This alone is powerful for current consumers and a huge plus for people looking at CBD relief for the first time.

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