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Hemp Biz Conference is May 1-2, 2019 in Denver, Colorado as a Reputable Cannabis Industry Meetup Event

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More people are now looking to get a hold of hemp-based products and experience what they got to offer. However, a majority of the hemp enthusiasts are rarely aware of what goes beyond the products, or the hemp industry. That is essential if you are a curious hemp fan looking to explore more than just the merchandise on sale.

What is the Hemp Biz Conference?

The May 1-2 2019 event is a collective effort by the Hemp Biz Conference to support the growth, and expansion of the hemp industry by bringing together the investors, entrepreneurs, professionals, farmers, and policymakers. Its focus is to offer a platform for the exploration of new technologies that will probably reframe the world of hemp agriculture.

The 2019 Hemp Biz Conference

For those interested, the meeting will embrace the world’s leading minds, and ideas in the hemp scene through the Hemp Biz Conference 2019. The event is a business-like forum looking to encompass all interested individuals willing to join the hemp industry. The comprehensive one-day event (May1-2) will seek to provide the attendees with a competitive intelligence platform providing insights to the planting, processing and identifying new markets for hemp products. Additionally, the participating profiles will be interested in learning what technology holds in store for the hemp environment. This is alongside building professional B2B relationship through networking.

Who Can Attend?

The Hemp Biz Conference is designed to focus on business executives and individual investors who are looking for opportunities in the hemp industry. Besides, the program for the event would be ideal traditional hemp farmers within its Denver venue. The Hemp Biz Conference is open to welcoming any individual interested with a B2B focus of the hemp industry.

Also, any willing participant is encouraged to apply as an exhibitor, speaker or sponsor. The catch is to be a hemp leader in the industry to ascertain your submission and complimentary full registration. You could also suggest a well-known speaker whom personally you know can have a valuable addition to the meet-up.

To get in, here’s a laydown of the ticketing within the Crowne Plaza venue in Denver, Colorado.

  • Hemp Expo Only- $99
  • 2 Day Conference Pass and Hemp Expo- $299 for Early Bird and $399 for Regular Pricing.

Should You Join In?

Since hemp has the potential to impact the international market profoundly, there is every reason to attend the Hemp Biz Conference 2019 and learn on the latest trends. The goal of the convention would be to get an educative perspective of the hemp industry through the forum’s interactive and innovative panel of discussions and workshop session.

The Hemp Biz Conference will also be a great source of knowledge on what to focus on when it comes to the hemp business. Expect the meet-up to delve in matters of hemp processing, agriculture, manufacturing, extraction, and sourcing.

Lastly, Hemp Biz Conference would be an excellent source for hemp businesses to network and build professional relationships. Since the conference expects to attract almost 1000+ hemp professionals.

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