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Bimble CBD Drinks: Full-Spectrum Cannabidiol-Infused Sparkling Beverage

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Cannabidiol (CBD), which is popularly found in the hemp plant, has gained recognition because of its analgesic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antibacterial properties. Since its health benefits have been introduced, several mediums of delivery have also sprung into existence, i.e. oils, tinctures, topicals, and vapes being the common types. There have to be more convenient methods of ingesting CBD, right? This is where Bimble’s role becomes crucial.

Bimble is a brand that emphasizes on convenient and quality full spectrum solutions. What makes them unique is that their addition to the CBD market brings yet another delivery method, which is CBD line of beverages. The following review will take a closer look at Bimble with respect to its purpose, current product line and whether or not beverages are effective in bringing positive results.

What is Bimble?

Bimble is a sparkling drink that has been created with the intent of helping consumers achieve a sense of calmness within consumers. To ensure, each and every individual reaps the proclaimed benefits of CBD, Bimble has supposedly been formulated in a beverage for convenience, and because of the fact that the consumption of water is something everyone is accustom to.

What Does Bimble Currently Offer?

It seems like Bimble currently offers only one type of sparkling drink, but it is not only a CBD-infusion but also a tri-flavor. In particular, the sparkling drink offered comes in a combination a Grapefruit, Basil and Mint flavor.

What’s important to note here is Bimble’s focus on pureness and quality of the overall solution, which has been reflected in the chosen ingredients. To be more specific, the flavors found in Bimble are obtained from natural extracts with the addition of raw honey. Also, the water has been triple filtered to ensure the riddance of any unwanted metals or toxins present.

As for the CBD content, each serving, i.e. one bottle, contains 25mg of full spectrum, which implies that instead of focusing solely on the cannabinoid, CBD, the drink contains a combination of cannabinoids. However, the types included have yet to be released. Consumers should keep in mind that 25mg of full spectrum is definitely a significant dosage. While some might find it helpful, others may find it to be too strong. If the latter is the case, the best thing to do is to test it a sip at a time.

Is CBD-infused Water Truly Effective?

According to Marijuana Break, CBD-infused water is ideal because of its high bioavailability rates responsible for transferring its contents to the bloodstream and in turn initiating some results. Although CBD-infused oils have become a norm, only a certain percentage of CBD is said to be absorbed by the body compared to 100% of CBD found in water.

In addition, the taste of oil is harder for many and given the benefits of drinking CBD water and its profound taste factor, the latter could be the way to go. Some consumers might argue that pure CBD is not as effective, but this doesn’t seem to be the problem with Bimble, as their drink contains full spectrum.

Final Thoughts

If taste and immediate relief are two factors that consumers highly value in CBD essentials, Bimble appears to be a valuable option considering the measures they’ve taken to ensure that each serving not only contains a significant amount of full spectrum but also the fact that the included flavors are naturally-derived.

Consumers should keep in mind is that while 25mg might seem like a lot, it may end up being little given the problem at hand. For instance, if anxiety is the problem at hand, then this drink could serve as a foundation for attaining a calm self. However, if the problem is as extreme as a seizure, whether or not 25mg is enough depends on the severity (in most cases, it might not be).

Although Bimble claims to contain full spectrum, it would have been more informative to know what other types of cannabinoids are present. Also, CBD-infused waters tend to be slightly expensive compared to oils and other alternatives, therefore the fact that a 360ml Bimble costs $8.99 does not come as a surprise.

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