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New to CBD Oil? Here’s the Importance of Using High-Quality Cannabis Oil Supplementation

Pouline I



New to CBD Oil? Here's the Importance of Using High-Quality Cannabis Oil Supplementation

According to a survey carried out by the International Food Information Council Foundation’s, more and more America citizens are taking a positive approach to live healthier lives. In fact, many of these steps involve taking a natural step. High Times records that CBD is one of the 60 compounds found in the cannabis plant. THC is known for its high effect while CBD has no high efficiency. It is for this lack of high efficiency that makes CBD legal in many areas whereas marijuana is not. CBD is extracted from hemp, from a plant with inadequate psychoactive properties that raise a high efficiency. With this, users are able to freely choose from natural options they have, even in areas where cannabis is prohibited.

A United States agency that maintains good manufacturing practices are followed so that users can be guaranteed of quality levels of ingredients aren’t contaminated labeled correctly. Therefore, there is the need to advocate for high-quality CBD products and not anything else. Use of low-quality CBD may result in some side effects which no user would be happy to suffer from.

Side effects of low-quality CBD products.

Low-quality CBD could have side effects to users. These side effects tend to be common to people with severe health conditions. Because each of us is unique, side effects may not be the same, so, there is a need to know more kinds of side effects that may appear when using low-quality products.

Dry mouth: Some studies show that CBD oil could cause a sensation or dry mouth. It was revealed that cannabinoid receptors present in the submandibular glands which produce saliva. In case the CBD oil affects those receptors, then it affects the production of saliva that will leave the mouth dry. As much as the side effects may make you thirsty, it has no dangers to your health.

Wake-promoting: When you take CBD extract minutes or few hours before you go to bed, it may keep you awake for a couple of hours. In addition to that, blood thinners should always consult a doctor before opting to use CBD products.

Lightheadedness: This is one of the side effects that could be seen because the blood pressure levels dropping due to using a high dose of CBD. It can be controlled by taking a cup of tea or coffee.

Drowsiness: There are some instances when CBD can cause drowsiness, especially, when the dosage was high. It is advisable that when you experience such an effect, then you should refrain from using any kind of machinery or do not drive.

Low blood pressure: Blood pressure may decrease when you use a slightly higher dose of CBD. This normally occurs minutes just after using the CBD and in most cases, experience the feeling of lightheadedness. This should not worry you as the side effect is temporary and will disappear after some time.

Other side effects: Low-quality CBD products may also bring about side effects such as heart rate, P.H levels, glucose levels, red cell volume in the volume, body temperature, could affect the potassium and sodium levels. Note that the side effects are temporary and disappear after a while.

Why Should you use high-quality CBD Products?

As earlier stated, cannabinoid or CBD is found in hemp plant and has got lots of health and medicinal properties. Scientific research reveals that CBD is responsible for hemp’s medicinal features. This natural product not only benefits the body but also benefits the mind. It is for this reason that makes CBD an admirable thing. CBD has a natural calming and soothing effect and while more of its properties are still being researched, more and more people, the young and old are being attracted to the CBD product. Some of the many benefits of CBD include reducing seizures, relieving pain, stress, and anxiety, promoting bone growth, reducing blood sugar level, reduces vomiting and nausea, slows bacterial growth, neuroprotective, reducing inflammation, vasorelaxant, suppresses muscle spasms and tranquilizing properties or features.

Hemp oil has very rich naturally occurring vitamins that include vitamins A, C and E. Also, it also contains vitamin B complex like riboflavin, thiamine, and niacin. Another advantage is that hemp contains other vitamins that are not present in modern diets like beta-carotene hence enabling consumers to get the nutrients in order to maintain their health. It does not stop there, hemp oil is also rich in minerals including potassium, calcium, iron, zinc, and magnesium.

Amino acids can be obtained from hemp that contains all the 20 amino acids that include the 9 essential amino acids the body really strives for. The CBD in hemp oil works together to provide the balancing effects as the many nutrients present supplement the modern diets.

CBD may also possess the skin-healing benefits. Because of its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant and anti-aging features, it can be used to improve the skin. In addition, the hemp seed oil is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that provide moisture and protection from the sun.

The endocannabinoid system consists of various cannabinoid receptors of which a large portion of them are found in the skin. Molecules contained in cannabis such as THC and CBD collaborate with this system to create an aforementioned positive effect. Not forgetting, CBD also improves the appearance of the skin by regulating the signs and symptoms of acne. Topical application is the most popular, whether diluted or concentrated. The inflammatory features of CBD soothe redness, swollen parts of the skin, and calms itchiness.

As discussed, using low quality may cause more harm than good. With several side effects such as dry mouth, low blood pressure, drowsiness, lightheadedness, it is better to use the high-quality CBD products that will have lots and lots of benefits including skin care, control of appetite, boosting of the immune system, promotion of good sleep et cetera.

Pouline Ireri lives in Kenya and is new at COR but plans to contribute much more in the near future. She graduated from the University of Nairobi and is a Business consultant/Micro Finance specialist. Her affinity for cannabis and CBD came naturally through her own use and become an advocate based on the positive effects and results she experienced.

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