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ZenPup: CBD Goodies Dog Treats, Calming Dry Shampoo and Cannabidiol Pet Spray

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The consumption of cannabidiol (CBD) has been effective in humans because the human body naturally contains an endocannabinoid system (ECS) – allowing for the interaction of cannabinoids (both natural in this case) to yield positive results. But, did you know pets, like dogs also house the ECS?

A dog’s ECS, like our very own, is responsible for achieving overall wellness and a state of balance. Why isn’t this highly spoken of in relation to CBD? This is one of the reasons why ZenPup supposedly flourished into existence.

As per the claims made, ZenPup focuses on CBD-infused treats and products that activate dogs’ ECS to promote a healthy whole body – including their mental, physical and emotional states. To further understand ZenPup’s existence, along with how they plan to help dogs around the world, the following review will assess several factors that make ZenPup a worthy pick.

What is ZenPup?

ZenPup is a CBD-lined devoted to dogs. They flourished into existence after seeing the negative impacts pharmaceutical drugs had, which led to the official hunt for natural solutions.

The idea to start ZenPup supposedly started off with pet owners who were tired of being disappointed because it was nearly impossible to find dog essentials that reflect organic ingredients and broad-spectrum solution (i.e. full spectrum without THC).

Ultimately, ZenPup aims towards bringing awareness about dog health and continues towards setting an example to the pet industry what it really means to value a pet’s wellness (i.e. through natural, CBD infusions).

How Diverse is ZenPup’s Pet line?

ZenPup currently offers three different dog essentials in the form of treats, cleanse and mood-lifting solutions. To understand how the three differ, here’s a quick analysis on each product:


Goodies are peanut butter-flavored CBD dog treats. As per the claims made, the treats are not only designed to satisfy a dog’s taste buds but also work in easing the pain, inflammation, anxiety and age-related concerns. Each biscuit houses 5mg of CBD, and in the event that a dog weighs under 10lbs, only half should be consumed. Similarly, dogs between 10 to 25lbs are believed to attain relief with one biscuit, 26 to 50lbs with 2 and over 50lbs with 3 on a daily basis.


Clean is a dog-proof dry shampoo. It helps keep dogs cleansed while riding their furs of oil, sweat and displeasing odors. In addition, it claims to relieve itchy, dry and coats with hot spots. Each dry shampoo contains a significant amount of broad-spectrum hemp oil (300mg).


Anxiety is an emotion felt by dogs as well. Sometimes, the littlest noise can frighten the life out of pets (not literally) and in such cases, dogs need to calm themselves before the situation gets worse. Happy is deemed a calming spray supplement that certifies optimal health and happiness of one’s dog. Not only does it claim to relieve anxiety, but it also supposedly eliminates allergies, mobility issues and pain. The recommended doses, like before, range based on a dog’s size and can be anywhere between 1 (5mg) and 4 (20mg) sprays for optimal results.

When considering the overall affordability of said essentials, pet owners can expect to invest $25 for Goodies, $40 for Clean and $60 for Happy.

Why Choose ZenPup?

It is clear that ZenPup has a good understanding as to how pets, especially dogs, react, and the potential issues they might face. This is clearly reflected in the three products offered, which focus on a dog’s overall wellness, emotional and skin health. What makes ZenPup a worthy pick is their knowledge on CBD and how it has been practically used in relation to dog essentials.

For instance, they’ve taken extra care in ensuring that a broad-spectrum solution has been considered to minimize the chances of the cannabinoid, THC being present. Similarly, their products have been deemed all natural and free of toxins. The fact that preservatives have not been used is another example that shows ZenPup’s level of thought process, as such components have been known to reduce the overall quality and strength present in CBD.

Many pet owners who have since administered ZenPup essentials to their dogs have claimed positive results in relation to easing anxiety levels, sensitive skin concerns, jitteriness and what not, which signifies ZenPup’s effectiveness and potential reliability.

A factor that could have increased ZenPup’s attractiveness is if lab tests of the broad spectrum used were made available, as it can be studied as sufficient evidence that suggests a brand’s reliability, but unfortunately, said results do not seem to be present via their website.

All this being said, in the event that pet owners are not convinced with any brand, it would be ideal to reach out to the firm themselves, as most that operate in the interest of consumers are always open and accepting of any reasonable request! To learn more about ZenPup, go to:

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