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Cordial Organics: Whole Flower CBD Tinctures, Restore Stick and Herbal Spray Mist

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Ever since cannabidiol (CBD), a compound derived from the hemp plant and renowned for its potential health benefits, gained exposure, many brands found ways in which they can infuse it into consumable goods. To date, a wide range of oils, vapes, tinctures and topicals have impressed consumers in the different relief rates each type offers. In these cases, the effects are either for the whole body or for the targeted region, but what about skin health?

Beauty care is an extensive industry one its own, as it contains skincare solutions along with different cosmetics targeting each component of the face. Naturally, one should know that not all beauty care essentials are made equal, that is, over the long run, it too can have negative effects on one’s skin. Here’s where it is most appropriate to introduce Cordial Organics.

Cordial Organics praises itself for bringing together CBD and beauty care essentials in the most natural, safe and effective way possible. To have a complete idea as to what Cordial Organics is all about, the following review will look closely at its purpose, products offered and their approach in handling CBD essentials.

What is Cordial Organics?

Cordial Organics is a brand that primarily focuses on clean CBD-infused beauty products. Their ultimate goal is supposedly not to help relieve experienced symptoms, but rather help to restore one’s overall body – that is, one’s mental, physical and emotional health. As per the claims made, this has been achieved from the very first stages of growing and extracting CBD to the final packaging and delivery of said products. Let’s take a closer look at what Cordial Organics has to offer.

What does Cordial Organics Currently Offer?

To Cordial Organics, beauty clearly doesn’t rest in how one looks, but also in how one feels. This being said, in addition to skincare products, Cordial Organics also offers wellness and pain relief products. What’s to come is a breakdown of each category of products offered:


The Wellness line carries five different types of CBD-infused oils that contribute towards the full body. This is primarily because of the inclusion of CBD along with terpenes and other ingredients that make the entire solution a full spectrum – helping to aid with different parts of the human system.

As per the claims made, Balance (600mg of CBD) can be used as a calming CBD oil, whereas Enhance (1200mg of CBD) has been created as an add-on to different foods and beverages. Calm for Pets (120mg of CBD), as the name implies, aims towards easing pets’ anxiety. For those looking to kick their cocktails up a notch, both the Celebrate Bitters (300mg of CBD) and Ginger Bitters (300mg of CBD) can be some options.

Pain Relief

Pain Relief intertwines at some levels with Wellness, as Balance, Enhance and Calm for Pets are also found within the Pain Relief category of products. What makes this line different from the aforementioned one is the Restore Heat Balm, Restore Stick, Jade Gua Sha, Restore Tin and Rose Quartz Gua Sha.

The Restore Heat Balm (300mg of CBD) contains ginger, cayenne and clove to ensure muscles are restored and relaxed via a warming effect. The Jade and Rose Quartz Gua Shas are deemed massage tools that relieve pain, reduce the appearance of dark under eye circles, puffiness and wrinkles and enhance blood flow in one’s face, neck and wrists to name the least.

Skin Care

Of the three categories, Cordial Organics clearly excels in skincare, as there are endless products offered. For simplicity reasons, three products from Skin Care will be assessed.

First, we have the Nourish Face Oil (150mg of CBD), which has been created to enhance one’s skin, while lifting one’s mood. The combination of chia and essential oils supposedly add towards one’s skin’s hydration levels, while maximizing on anti-inflammatory properties to defeat the entry of bacteria.

Second, is the Lavender Hydrosol (300mg of CBD), aims to freshen and tone one’s face. This can be beneficial in combination with the Nourish Face Oil, as the latter will lock in the moisture. Other ways to make use of it includes adding the hydrosol to a clay mask or using it as a room spray to name the least.

Lastly, the Soothe Lip Balm (5mg of CBD) is deemed essential in healing dry and chapped lips and also in healing bruises and cuts on one’s skin. The combination of cocoa and mint is believed to induce a cooling and warming effect, which in turn leave consumers feeling relaxed.

What Makes Cordial Organics Matchless?

The main factor that makes Cordial Organics matchless is their approach is achieving their end goal of offering clean beauty essentials. Not only have they indicated the source of CBD (i.e. U.S grown), many details regarding the extraction process, as well as the packaging that locks in CBD’s properties, have been shared. This level of transparency is enough to gain consumer trust.

As for the products offered, Cordial Organics focus on full spectrum solutions is praiseworthy considering existing evidence that supports the combination of cannabinoids and terpenes as opposed to merely focusing on CBD. It is also important to note that Cordial Organics is one of the only brands to have considered CBD-infused facial and body care products in the most natural way possible, that is, free of artificial fragrance and harmful chemicals and only consisting of a significant amount of CBD and essential oils. To find out more on Cordial Organics, go to:

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