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Cure Drops CBD: Zero-THC Pure CBD Oil Tinctures With 500mg Cannabidiol Dose

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Cure Drops CBD

Based in Barcelona, Spain, Drops is a brand that focuses within the cannabidiol (CBD) industry. Unlike most brands that focus on delivering different CBD infusions at once, Drops seems to focus on one particular solution. Why is that? How does that reflect their goals? To understand the approach taken by Drops, the following review will look at its objectives, the essential offered and other aspects that support Drops’ outlook on CBD consumption.

What Is Cannabidiol (CBD)?

CBD is a type of cannabinoid (i.e. a compound) popularly housed in hemp plants. It has been long debated for its medicinal properties as well as its possible psychoactive properties. As per the claims made, CBD is not psychoactive likes its counterpart, THC – which is naturally found in marijuana and has since been frowned upon.

A common question that arises is: given CBD is not psychoactive, how does it have the ability to ease anxiety. This one question has left many confused, but in reality, the argument goes as follows: the way that CBD works in treating anxiety is not by treating the said episode, but rather working to prevent its known side effects, which range from troubling thoughts and restlessness.

If THC were to be used in dealing with the same problem, it would create a euphoria feel, but unfortunately, this is dependent of individual cases, as some consumers have seen their anxiety levels worsen because of smoking marijuana.

Now that a clear and distinctive definition of CBD and THC has been attained, let’s take a look at what Drops is all about.

What Is Cure Drops CBD?

Cure Drops CBD proclaims itself as a wellness brand that focuses on offering quality and affordable CBD-dense products within Barcelona. Their overall mission is to set an example of what it means to offer quality CBD products to the marketplace, with more emphasis placed on helping educate consumers on said benefits that promote a healthier self.

What Essential Does Cure Drops CBD Currently Offer?

The main product Cure Drops CBD offers, which also claims to represent their mission is called, “Mint CBD Oil (Full Spectrum).” As per the claims made, it is deemed effective in treating stress, pain, burnout, restlessness, anxiety and potentially easing the effects of depression and Alzheimer’s.

Each 30ml bottle, consisting of 40 servings also contains 500mg of full spectrum CBD and is said to be free from THC. Full spectrum implies that the whole hemp plant has been utilized in the extraction process, which includes different types of cannabinoids. It is interesting to see that Drops has managed to offer full spectrum without THC, because most often, safe traces of THC are always present.

The brand supposedly uses a proprietary extraction technology that focuses on the different phytocannabinoids, while ignoring THC. In addition, chromatography technique has also been used, which is what is mainly responsible for the removal of THC without negatively impacting the full spectrum profile.

Unlike most brands who fail to indicate what full spectrum truly implies, Cure Drops CBD has since shared it as including cannabigerol (CBG), cannabinol (CBN), cannabichromene (CBC) and 40 different types of terpenes, where the latter are natural flavor profiles of the cannabis plant.

As for its uses, since the solution is offered in an oil-base, it would be most effective if consumers administered in underneath the tongue and allowed it to soak for under a minute. This process is thought to permit the body to fully absorb the contents of the solution for maximum results.

Most frequently, said drops are typically designed in a way that can also be applied directly on the skin, however, the lack of information as to whether additional ingredients were included makes it difficult to assume that the same applies for Drops’ essential.

Cure Drops CBD Pricing

For a single bottle, consumers can expect to invest €89.95 (or USD$103.13). Consumers looking to purchase in bulk can do so as well, where two bottles costs €166.31, six costs €449.50 and ten costs €716.60. While the prices undoubtedly appear to be higher than the leading brand, the fact that each bottle contains 40 servings, instead of the traditional 20-30 and its strength might be factors that contribute to the pricing.

Cure Drops CBD Final Thoughts

Overall Cure Drops CBD thoughtfulness in wanting to educate consumers is fascinating amidst a fairly infant market. Also, the fact that they’ve emphasized on the procedures they’ve undergone in extracting compounds and ensuring each type is listed (i.e. for the full spectrum) is notable. Most firms simply indicate whether consumers are dealing with “pure CBD” or “full spectrum CBD,” with the latter being meaningless to those new to the CBD industry and are still learning.

Given the heightened competition within the CBD industry, it is not enough for firms to explain their procedures. In fact, without sound evidence, i.e. certificates and lab results, convincing consumers and gaining their trust can be difficult. This is something that Drops falls short on, as neither certificates nor lab results have been provided to support their claims.

Also, their CBD drop is slightly higher in price compared to the average CBD product, which forces consumers to search for more information, but again, this area needs to be worked on.

To get in touch with Drops regarding their CBD-infusion offered, go to:

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