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Willie’s Reserve: CBD And THC Cannabis Oil Vape Cartridges, Coffee, Edibles And Flowers

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Willie's Reserve

Marijuana can be viewed as the disliked cousin of hemp, as both come from the same family of the cannabis plant, but with different effects. While hemp’s widely known compound, cannabidiol (CBD) has been praised for its health benefits, marijuana’s compound, THC, has always been frowned upon for its psychoactive properties. In most cases, THC has been feared of by many consumers, even when purchasing CBD essentials. However, it is believed that moderate use of marijuana can be beneficial as well. This is where Willie’s Reserve comes into play.

Willie’s Reserve is an endeavor created by marijuana supporter, musician, actor, poet, author and much more, Willie Nelson. Nelson reached his first milestone with his 1973 album, Shotgun Willie followed by his albums, Red Headed Stranger and Stardust. Besides his music, what keeps him alive is the exposure he has gained via Willie’s Reserve – something that he has always been passionate about.

The purpose of this review is to provide a complete picture of Willie’s Reserve. This will be attained by looking at its purpose, the products offered, and the overall quality reflected in each basic.

What Is Willie’s Reserve?

Willie’s Reserve specializes within the cannabis industry. Since its launch in 2016, Willie’s Reserve not only managed to combine different strains of marijuana in various essentials (i.e. Indica, Sativa and Hybrid), but they have also successfully secured partnerships with independent farms across the US. Anyone looking to enjoy a joint can allegedly purchase Willie’s essentials in Colorado, Washington and Nevada – with prosper for more locations.

Willie’s Reserve Products

As for the current products offered, consumers can expect to invest in various flower offerings as well as signature Ready rolls, concentrates, edibles and vape essentials. The following breakdown looks at the different categories of marijuana-containing fundamentals offered:

Flower Box

Each flower box contains one gram of flower and consumers can pick between a quarter ounce or an eighth ounce. As for the strains offered, they presently come in three types which include Indica, Sativa and Hybrid.

Each strain is said to contain a notable benefit. When it comes to Indica strains, consumers can expect it to be useful with respect to attaining body relaxation, whereas Sativa works more towards one’s energy, mood and emotions. For instance, anyone experiencing anxiety, depression or lack of clarity, can apparently consider Sativa over Indica. As for the Hybrid strain, this is simply a combination of Indica and Sativa (with varying concentrations of both of course).

Ready Roll

Anyone who has difficulties rolling a joint can get hold of Willie’s Reserve’s Ready Rolls. Some of the different types offered include DJ Andy, Secret Recipe and Skywalker OG. In addition, various options of strains have been made available and is a factor that makes Willie’s Reserve preferred as consumers can choose between Blue City Diesel, Legend OG, Kimbo Kush, Razzleberry, Obama Kush and Cherry Cream Pie. Like the flower box, each joint contains one gram of flower.

Vape Cartridge

Willie’s Reserve currently offers three unique vape cartridges that contain unique strains. In particular, they include ATF, Pineapple Express and Sunset Sherbet – all of which have allegedly undergone CO2 distillation with added terpenes. The indicated flavors are said to be naturally derived from the flowers themselves. Finally, when it comes to its uses, consumers should keep in mind that the cartridges work best with 3.16-volt battery.


Lastly, the line of edibles appears to carry both chocolate and candy-infused with cannabis. Annie’s Chocolate Box comes in nostalgic flavors including dark and almond chocolate, roasted cacao nibs and Maui espresso bean. Each piece of chocolate contains 5mg of THC for a complete recreational experience.

Then we have the candy-like, Hard Edibles which comes in Honeysuckle Hot, Fresh Maple Blossom, Strawberry Limonene, Mountain Berry, Peppermint, Sour Tangie, and Cherry Watermelon. Each serving supposedly contains 10mg of THC and based on the chosen flavor, consumers can either experience a sense of calmness, relaxation or heightened energy levels.

Willie’s Reserve Summary

In general, the cannabis industry still remains one that requires further studying due to the insufficient findings available. Despite this, existing studies have found marijuana to having positive effects as well, especially with respect to one’s emotional health. Consumers should keep in mind that age is a determining factor, that is, the younger the smoker (i.e. teenagers), the less positive the long-term effects will be.

When considering Willie’s Reserve as a whole, it is evident that their mission in offering cannabis goods is reflected in the overall growing and extraction process of the plant. The brand has since collaborated with different independent farmers across the US to ensure that quality is not compromised. This indicates reliability especially considering the country’s guidelines in offering CBD and THC-related goods. A praiseworthy move on Willie’s Reserve’s part is their ongoing attempt in indicating to consumers exactly where their source of flower comes from – which goes back to that specific farm.

However, one area that the cannabis provider has failed to succeed in is their description, as it is not completely clear as to the freshness of the joints and flowers and by when it should be used for optimal taste. This being said, the brand has since gained 4.7 stars out of 5 on Facebook, which indicates some level of satisfaction on behalf of consumers. To learn more about what Willie’s Reserve has to offer, go to:

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