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Sweet Reason Sparkling CBD Drinks: Healthy Hemp Cannabidiol Extract Beverages

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Sweet Reason Sparkling CBD Drinks

Looking for interesting ways to consume cannabidiol (CBD)? If you are, you aren’t the only one. As CBD’s health benefits continue to make waves, consumers are constantly looking for CBD-infused essentials that tickle one’s taste buds, while bringing in all the benefits. Since its widespread discovery in 2013, the CBD market has become saturated with tinctures, oils, supplements and topicals, with movement gradually present in the area of fitness. Sweet Reason has taken a step further and has since combined CBD in sparkling water.

The purpose of this review is to explore another way in which CBD can be consumed. In particular, Sweet Reason’s approach of CBD consumption will be addressed and evaluated to see whether or not it is helpful. Some of the areas that will be explored includes their reason for being, and the types of sparkling water offered.

What Is Sweet Reason?

Sweet Reason is a beverage company that specializes in infusing CBD and other ingredients to ensure consumers have a tasteful and solutions-offering drink. Their reason for incorporating CBD stems from the fact that the compound found within cannabis plants has since achieved a wide range of health benefits because of its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties to name a few. To see how they’ve successfully infused CBD into the Sweet Reason sparkling waters, let’s take a closer look at the types offered.

Sweet Reason Sparkling CBD Drink Products

Sweet Reason comes in three unique flavors, including Grapefruit, Cucumber and Mint and Strawberry and Lavender. All three appear to have been created with the intentions of inducing a sense of freshness and relaxation, where the latter can be assumed due to the use of ingredients like mint and lavender.

As for the CBD itself, each flavor only contains 7mg of CBD. As per Sweet Reason, 7mg is high enough to bring a positive effect, while allowing consumers to enjoy the sparkling water itself.

Given the studies that currently exist on the use of cannabinoids like CBD, most have concluded that the combination of cannabinoids is more effective that using pure CBD. This being said, Sweet Reason supposedly feels more comfortable with the use of pure CBD because of the number of studies that looked at CBD alone, compared to others that still require more testing for reliability purposes.

Why Choose Sweet Reason?

There are several reasons why one could possibly favor Sweet Reason. First, their source of hemp is said to be organic and grown in Colorado. This reflects safety and reliability considering the fact that Colorado is known for its strict rules and regulations when it comes to hemp growth and CBD extraction. This also implies that the concentration of THC, a cannabinoid known for psychoactive effects, found in Sweet Reason drinks are at the safe threshold of less than or equal to 3%.

Another reason why Sweet Reason is worth considering is their continuous effort in ensuring that consumers trust the brand. This has been reflected in their educative material found in the frequently asked questions as well as their level honesty. For instance, when asked about its uses, instead of giving a common recommendation, consumers have been advised to consult a health practitioner given they take medications. This is the ideal way to approach consumption, as research to this day fails to conclude a sound and safe dosage of CBD.

When wondering the overall effectiveness of CBD-infused water, other sources suggest that its effects can take anywhere between 20 and 40 minutes before it can be felt, that is on an empty stomach. Of all the methods of consuming CBD, vaping has been deemed the most results-inducing. This being said, vaping is not typically preferred by many, and drinking it in liquid form doesn’t appear to be too long of a wait – making Sweet Reason drinks all the more substantial.

Finally, their overall thought process in coming up with an accustom solution for CBD consumption is exemplary, as consumers can potentially substitute sugary drinks for a naturally flavored sparkling water. To learn more about Sweet Reason and their current locations, check out:

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