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OLEO: CBD Powder For Edibles, Coconut Drink Mix And Rooibos Extract Tea Mixes

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Looking to enjoy cannabidiol (CBD)-infused drinks? Not sure where to look for such beverages? Although the CBD market we know today is fairly saturated, said line of beverages still has room for growth. Now’s the time to introduce OLEO.

OLEO praises itself for being a branded food technology company that delivers CBD-infused powders and teas for consumers looking for a positively health-impacting beverage. Having come across low potent CBD solutions, OLEO allegedly made it their goal to fix any related concerns via their products. The following review will look closely at OLEO with respect to its purpose, unique product line and other factors that make them stand out.

What Is OLEO?

As previously mentioned, OLEO is a brand that focuses on offering consumers quality CBD products. What makes them unique is their use of technology, which helps to create “microencapsulated phytocannabinoid powder”.

The benefits of such a powder is that it can dissolve instantly in cold water, ensuring that the source of cannabinoid is fully present. This also means that it has strong bioavailability and ensures that the body is more capable of absorbing the CBD contents compared to the next leading brand.

To see how OLEO’s approach has helped them succeed, let’s take a closer look at their product line.

OLEO Products

Since OLEO specializes in powdered solutions that make for ideal beverage bases, the following breakdown will explore the different benefits each powdered solution has to offer. Here’s what consumers can expect as per their needs:

Coconut CBD Drink Mix

The Coconut CBD Drink Mix has been created as an ideal supplement for post-workouts. The add-on of coconut water is said to rehydrate consumers. In addition, its source of electrolytes, vitamins and minerals are believed to be crucial for the body’s overall balance state, as working out leads to the excretion of nutrients. As for its uses, consumers are advised to take one serving (containing 25mg of CBD) with 12 ounces of water.

Raspberry CBD Rooibos Extract Tea Mix

The Raspberry CBD Rooibos Extract Tea Mix supposedly has the abilities to increase one’s energy levels. This is mainly due to the presence of black tea, as it contains a significant amount of caffeine, polyphenols and catechins – some of which are also witnessed in green tea. As per the claims made, rooibos has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties which help to ease any pains or aches – making it useful as a possible pre-workout or even pain relief. For a serving size of 9 grams, consumers can expect to ingest 25mg of CBD. In addition to the Raspberry Rooibos Extract Tea Mix, consumers can also choose to go with the Passion Fruit or Tangerine CBD Rooibos Extract Tea Mix.

Flavorless Original Mix CBD Additive

Unlike the first essential that contains an adequate source of coconut for added benefits, the Flavorless Original Mix CBD Additive was designed to house only CBD, which can be consumed as desired. Some of the recommended uses include incorporating it into soups, smoothies, and drinks to name the least. Like the aforementioned products, this supplement also contains 25mg of CBD per serving.

Why Choose OLEO?

Some factors that make OLEO a possible option for CBD essentials are listed below:

Effective And Clean Source Of CBD

As per the claims made, OLEO’s source of CBD is derived from US distributors. This is an essential point that can contribute towards one’s decision-making process, as US states are very stern in relation to hemp growth and CBD extraction. Another facet worth mentioning here is their use of technology, which is said to promote immediate results because of the body’s ability to absorb the contents at a much faster rate.

Complete Transparency

When a firm discloses as much information as possible, trust for the brand increases. OLEO has proven that most essentials offered have been lab-tested by their analytical test results available.

Upon opening one of them, it clearly indicates what facets have been tested for and what have not. The main areas that OLEO has focused on include CBD and THC presence, along with heavy metals, microbials and mycotoxins to name the least. Moreover, each result has an indicated expiry date, which further validates the brand itself.

Finally, each supplement indicates the concentration of CBD per serving. This is important, as it allows consumers to keep track of what quantities work and what do not. Also, this facet makes OLEO all the more attractive because the average CBD firm simply stops at indicating how much an entire supply contains – making it irrelevant to consumers.

Reasonably Priced

Finally, the supplements offered by OLEO range anywhere between $14.49 and $49.95. This is definitely inexpensive bearing in mind the fact that each serving is equivalent to nearly 25 mg of CBD – ultimately reflecting interest in consumer wellness.

To learn more about OLEO’s choice of technology and the milestones attained, go to:

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