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Tyson Ranch: Legendary Boxer Mike Tyson’s Premium Cannabis Brand Products

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Tyson Ranch

Tyson Ranch is a cannabis company run by Mike Tyson, breaking the mold of the industry standard for cannabis products. His products are available from authorized third-party facilities.

What Is Tyson Ranch?

Every cannabis company wants to develop a remedy that consumers want, though the kinds of companies could vary. There are brands that want to do everything from the planting to the distribution, but the use of a company for solely the creation of the products helps the industry too, providing more opportunities for sales than if they went through this process entirely on their own. That is the circumstance for Tyson Ranch.

Tyson Ranch, a cannabis production company that is headed up by former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson starts off by telling consumers about the ways that their facility exceeds that of what the industry standard provides. For instance, the industry offers crops that are bug and pest free by the time they are purchased, which means that “some crops may have bugs and fail the test but can be cleaned and resold.” However, at Tyson Ranch, the crop remains bug and pest free from the moment the seed is in the ground.

To protect the strains that they develop, Tyson Ranch keeps their crops indoors to control the environment of each strain, as opposed to attempting to find the right environment outdoors. Everything is harvested based on how mature the plant is, collecting the flowers about a week before they are expected to reach their heaviest weight, considering the substantial benefits they offer at this state.

To prepare the strains for the third-party sellers, Tyson Ranch takes their time in the process. Though most companies flush-dry the strains quickly over the course of eight days, Tyson Ranch uses a 30-day period to flush, dry, and cure the strains to bring out the maximum terpenes and flavonoids, which offer a greater range of benefits. All terpenes in the strains come from the natural substances involved in the process and require no concentrates to be added for an enhanced reaction. Furthermore, they create the strains with hand-trimming the flowers, avoiding the industrial trimming that has become commonplace.

The way the Tyson Ranch brand puts it, they focus on “ingredients designed by nature — pesticide-free, biologically pathogen free, lab tested, compliant.” They work on their “artisan cannabis strains,” which offer some of the common strains, and some that are entirely unique to the Tyson Ranch brand.

Tyson has expressed his desire to develop a “marijuana empire,” according to reports from Today. With his innovative ideas of changing the status quo, that’s exactly what consumers get from his strains.

The Products From Tyson Ranch

Unfortunately, the website does not actually feature a list or even a sample of what Tyson is bringing to the public. However, by checking at the locations that these products can be purchased, consumers can learn about the strains in person to find the right one for them.

According to additional searches outside of the official website, there are many strains listed that are influenced by Mike Tyson, but the actual strains apparently can only be found in select locations.

Where To Buy Tyson Ranch Products

There is no option of purchasing the products from the website directly. However, there are already several third-party facilities available where consumers can buy them instead. Each of the locations are licensed, but this is not a definitive list, considering that there are more to come.

Visit one of these locations to make a purchase:

  • ShowGrow – Located in Long Beach, CA
  • People Roots OC – Located in Santa Ana, CA
  • March and Ash – Located in San Diego, CA
  • Alpine Alternative – Sacramento, CA
  • Zen West Hollywood – West Hollywood, CA
  • Port City Alternative – Stockton, CA
  • The Lighthouse Dispensary – Coachella, CA

Consumers will need to check back on the website to learn about other locations as they add the use of Tyson Ranch products. The Instagram page for Tyson Ranch also shows updates but is clear about abiding by the rules of the social media platform that there are no sales performed. Each state has their own requirements for CBD and THC use, but California is luckily a place where legalization for both recreational and medicinal products is approved.

Contacting Tyson Ranch

This new brand provides plenty of information of what they offer, but customers may still have questions about the brand. To find out more, consumers can choose to send an email to [email protected], or to fill out the form on the website directly.

Tyson Ranch Summary

Tyson Ranch is most famous for its owner, but the production processes that they plan to bring to market are easily their greatest asset. Strain information is not available from the official website, but a quick search online shows several websites with information. By changing the standards for his own brand, this company is basically a challenge for others to follow their lead.

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