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Provida Health CBD: Cannabidiol Nutraceuticals And Cannabinoid Topical Products




Provida Health CBD

About Provida Health CBD

Provida Health is one of the few CBD companies dedicated to enlightening the public about the benefits of CBD and offering quality products. The company utilizes the hemp plant and its constituents to create full-spectrum CBD oil products with vast nutritional and health benefits. Provida Health has strict CBD sourcing, and business practices and claims strive to minimize environmental damage while making a positive impact on humanity. At the moment, FDA has not evaluated any statements about Provida Health. Below is a review of products offered by Provida Health.

Provida Health CBD Products

Provida Daily Drops

The hemp oil making Provida Daily Drops is CO2 extracted and has been well infused into fractioned coconut oil and quality MCT oil. This tincture is intended to promote the mind and general body wellness of its users. None of the product’s ingredients has been lab-synthesized.

The recommended way of taking this oil is through putting some drops under the tongue. The right serving size is ½ a dropper two times a day. This product comes in a 30 ml bottle. The hemp oil making this product is non-GMO, non-psychoactive, and pesticide-free.

Provida Daily drops are sold in different CBD concentrations. The 300mg tincture has the lowest CBD amount in this category, and it costs $54.99. A three-pack deal of the same currently costs $148.47, which is the seller’s way of convincing customers to buy in bulk. The 600mg tincture costs $84.99, while a three-pack goes for $229.47. What follows is the 1000mg tincture going at $129.99, and a three pack of the same selling at $350.97. Finally, the 1500mg Provida Daily drops has the largest hemp amount in this category. The seller retails it at $189.99, while the three pack foes at $512.97.

For more severe health complications such as arthritis, cancer, and cardiovascular problems, customers should pick tinctures with high CBD amounts. For small issues like less intense headaches, anxiety, and sleeping problems, lower CBD doses are useful.

Provida Relief Balm

Provida Health makes their relief balms with all natural CO2 extracted hemp infused with other beneficial oils. Their balms give the user comfort and relaxation, relieve pain, inflammation, and swelling. The product is non-GMO, pesticide-free, and free from other toxic chemicals. Provida Relief Cream has phytonutrients and terpenes for enhanced health and nutrition. This balm is meant to be used externally. To give your body comfort using this balm, massage the affected area, and repeat as required for utmost skin rejuvenation. However, this cream is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any ailment. Each pack comes with 500mg of Cannabis extract and costs $79.99.

750mg Provida Daily Caps

Packed with 30 soft gel capsules, each bottle of Provida daily caps comes with $750 mg CBD. Each capsule gives the user 25mg CBD, and the recommended dose is one capsule a day. These capsules are smoothly contoured, and users find it easy swallowing. Provida Daily caps are made from CO2 extracted hemp oil, are non-GMO, non-pesticide, THC-free and have rapid bioactivity. Provida Daily Caps regulates the human endocannabinoid system and are responsible for offering pain, inflammation, anxiety, nausea, and headache relief.

Due to their high CBD concentration, Provida Daily Caps can be used to fight the symptoms of chronic diseases like arthritis, nerve pain, and cancer. These capsules are non-psychoactive, and you hence should not fear to feel “high” or failing a cannabis drug test. Provida Daily Caps are legal all over the 50 states. Provida Daily Caps retail at $79.99 and its lab test results are readily available on the seller’s site. This is proof of Provida Health’s commitment to being transparent.

Provida Health Products Fairly Priced?

While Provida Health products have pristine packaging, their prices are ridiculously high. 30ml, 500mg Full spectrum CBD tinctures from several brands sell as little as $27.00. Considering that 300mg (a CBD amount much lower) cost almost twice that, you will note that even the three pack deal discount does not make much of a change. Similarly, a number of full spectrum CBD competitor brands have their 500mg topical creams selling as little as $40.00, while a similar CBD composition is sold at $79.99 by Provida health.

Provida Health CBD Conclusion

While the prices are unreasonably high, Provida Health has high-quality products. Their high manufacturing standards and transparency in product test results give us a reason enough to trust the brand. If “You get what you pay for” is anything to go by, then Provida Health products are an ideal choice. Besides, Provida Health has a 30-day return policy. This means that any customer who was not pleased with the products bought can return them within 30 days of purchase. However, remember that Provida Health products are meant to supplement the user’s health, and nutrition, and should not be used to substitute a medical doctor’s prescription.

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