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The Medics: Premium CBD Hemp Extract Tinctures, Gels, Balms, Vape Oil And Pet Products




The Medics

About The Medics

The Medics Premium Hemp Extract made from hemp grown in America, 100% without any herbicides or pesticides hence are safe to be used. A simple process is used to extract the Hemp oil from the hemp plant grown in Colorado. The products are non-GMO and do not contain fertilizers, alcohol, chemicals, gluten, artificial ingredients or glycerine which means they are natural and with no side effects.

The process used to extract the hemp oil is non-toxic, non-flammable and solvent-free since there is supercritical extraction of CO2 and are certified by FDA and COA. Medics Hemp Extract is tested by a verified and reliable 3rd Party which assures you that they are pure, high-quality and safe for you to use. During the manufacturing of the Hemp Extract, all the GMP standards are strictly followed to ensure they do not bring any side effects.

The Medics Products

The Medics Vape Hemp Extract 100mg

The Medics CBD Vape Hemp Extract made from hemp grown in America and contains lavender flavor. It is rich in vegan, omega-3 fatty acids and free of gluten. The premium CBD Vape oil is completely natural and pure does not contain any artificial preservatives, ingredients or colors. When administering the hemp extract, you should shake the bottle first and place it under the tongue for 30 seconds before swallowing.

CBD Vape-Oil helps in relieving pain, improving cardiovascular health, enhancing your skin, nails, hair and calming anxiety. 1oz bottle contains 100mg of Hemp oil extract and costs $29.99.

The Medics For Pets 250mg

The Medics for pets is free of gluten and is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which has health benefits on your pets. 1oz bottle has 250mg of hemp oil extract that is enough to bring healthy changes to your cats, dogs, and horses.

Under 20 pounds dogs and cats should be given 0.1ml (2-3 drops) for 3 to 4 times a day while those over 20 pounds should get 3 to 4 drops for 3-4 times a day. Horses are given 0.5ml three times a day. The Medics for pets should be put under the pet’s tongue for useful results.

The product costs $49.99 and can be purchased on the Medics website.

Rapid Release Gels 750mg

The Hemp Oil extract Gels is made from naturally grown hemp and has no side effects. The Release Gels container contains 30 capsules, and it is recommended to take only 2 to 3 capsules per day. However, it should not be taken by a lactating mother or a pregnant woman. The Medics Rapid Release Gels does not contain any artificial colors, ingredients or preservatives.

These Release Gel capsules should only be swallowed and not to be chewed. Medics Rapid Release Gels costs $99.99.

The Medics Daily Plus 100gm

Medics Relief Balm is a natural and organic product that is designed to relieve pain and aches. It can be used every day by applying gently on the target area to ease the pain below the surface. The product contains 100gm of hemp oil extract, which can help you bring health benefits to your body.

Primary ingredients used include photo-cannabinoids, terpenoids, flavonoids, and amino acids

The product costs $29.99 and does not have any side effects because it does not contain artificial ingredients, colors, and preservatives.

There is also another Relief balm called The Medics Daily Silver, which contains 300mg of hemp oil extract. It is more potent than the 100mg Daily Plus because enough CBD oil to effect positive changes in your body.

Premium CBD Hemp Extract

Premium CBD Hemp Extract is very rich in Vegan, omega-3 fatty acids and free of gluten. This product assists in relieving pain, enhancing your skin, hair, reducing anxiety and many other health benefits. When taking this CBD oil, you should not be worried about side effect because there are none.

The product is manufactured with different quantities of CBD Hemp Extract and multiple flavors. We have Premium CBD Hemp Extract 250mg, which costs $49.99, Premium CBD Hemp Extract 2000mg goes for $249.99, Premium CBD Hemp Extract 500mg that costs $89.99 and Premium CBD Hemp Extract 1000mg that goes $149.99.

Those products containing high amounts of Hemp Extract are costly because they give long lasting results. Premium CBD Hemp Extract has a simple way of administering whereby you have to shake the bottle and place it under the tongue before swallowing for 60 seconds.

The Medics Conclusion

The Medics CBD Hemp Extract products are beneficial and they bring significant health benefits to your body. The ones having high hemp extract content have enough ability to give you quick results. Medics’ products can be purchased from their website. There are no discounts offered yet, but you can regularly check to see if they have given.

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