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ViPova: Premium Hemp Oil Tea, Herbal Mascala Chai, Earl Grey And Yunnan Black Blends





About ViPova

Vipova products are designed to create efficiencies and comfortable to deliver hemp oil full spectrum. The phytoingredients used helps in body receptors’ connection. Bioactive products are also used in Vipova products to virtually impact body cells better health results. Hemp oil is infused in lipids to bring great comfort and harmony. The patented technology developed by Vipova has increased the bioavailability of these teas’ CBD, which has greatly improved its benefits and absorption.

Vipova products do not have the taste of weed that is why its competitors are plagued. They are of low cost which makes it an excellent choice for the users looking for inferior cost product with the quality amount of CBD oil. These Vipova products help in relieving pain, calming anxiety, for sleep, and also they assist with stress. The Vipova product is GMP certified and follows all the standards to ensure potency and quality without compromising the consumers’ health benefits.

ViPova Products

Herbal Masala Chai Tea

Herbal Masala Chai Tea is manufactured using the Hemp oil extract from Hemp plants grown in Colorado, America but there are also other ingredients used. These ingredients include ginger, cardamom, rooibos, vanilla, and sunflower oil. Polyphenols are contained in the rooibos which contains ample quantity of ascorbic acid. Every serving contains 50mg of full spectrum hemp extract of Multi Scandinavian.

The brand is also caffeine free which means there are no side effects expected hence can also be used during the day.

When manufacturing the Herbal Masala Chai Tea, all the GMP standards are well adhered to maintain the safety of the consumers. This is also to keep the potency and quality of Vipova products. The Herbal Masala Chai Tea goes for $15.99 for a pack that contains 16 tea bags.

Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey Tea is has a bergamot flavor and the lipid is infused with hemp oil extract full spectrum which helps in relieving pain, stress, calming anxiety and also helping you to relax and get sleep. It has a citrus flavor which taken from the extracted oil from bergamot orange rind. This is a small sized citrus tree which is grown in Italy. Another ingredient used is sunflower oil. When you are craving for exotic things, London fog can be compelling if used with milk that is steamed.

Earl Grey Tea is designed and formulated to enhance absorption for quick and effective results. 50mg of hemp oil are contained in every serving which makes it enough to provide useful health benefits and long-lasting. The Earl Grey Tea product is cost-effective and goes for 2 cents for each milligram of hemp oil extract. So doing simple calculations, you pay less than$1.25 for each serving you get.

Earl Grey Tea cost $15.99 for a pack that consists of 16 tea bags. The product manufacturing process adheres to all standards of GMP, and there are no side effects.

Vipova Yunnan Black Tea

This is the Vipova’s original tea that contains 50mg of hemp oil extract with full spectrum that helps to provide comfort. Vipova Yunnan Black Tea features Chinese leaves of the southwestern province. The product is cost-effective, and like other Vipova’s products, it goes for 2 cents for each milligram. The enhanced absorption formula allows rapid delivery that results in quick positive changes in your body health.

The other ingredients used in preparing Vipova Yunnan Black Tea include sunflower, dry, non-fat evaporated milk. The tea smells faint, and that improves the desire to have more of it. It is recommended to have one pack for 12 ounces, but the usual one is one bag for every 6 to 8 ounces.

The Vipova Yunnan Black Tea current price is $15.99 for 16 tea bags packed box.

ViPova Final Verdict

Vipova tea products are many clients choice because they have maintained less THC which is good for the body. The other ingredients used are mostly natural which means they have less or no side effects. They are cheap but have quality hemp extract oil.

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