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Gold Label Labs CBD: Cannabidiol Tinctures, Gummy Edibles, Terpene Isolates and Vape E-Liquids

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Gold Label Labs CBD: Cannabidiol Tinctures, Gummy Edibles, Terpene Isolates and Vape E-Liquids

As the cannabidiol (CBD) market continues to expand, the entry of new firms gains a lot of attraction. This is mainly because of their potential contribution to the market, along with their unique approach in infusing CBD that the next firm might have simply not thought of. This is where it is most fit to introduce Gold Label Labs.

Gold Label Labs specializes within the CBD market and carries a wide range of CBD-infused products – some very similar to competitors and others definitely making them a first mover. To understand Gold Label Labs’ contribution to the CBD market, along with the difference they will be making in consumer wellness, the following review will explore its reason for being along with its products and overall affordability.

What is Gold Label Labs?

Gold Label Labs has been established with the purpose of serving the people. This alone supposedly served as their foundation in creating potent CBD infusions with “exact dosing in mind,” as described on their official website. Interestingly, Gold Label Labs’ essentials are also offered at all Pecos Valley Production locations in New Mexico for patients who have a Medical Cannabis Card.

How Diverse is Gold Label Labs’ Line of CBD Products?

Diversity does not seem to be a concern for Gold Label Labs, as it is the only brand that also offers consumers various CBD-infused baked goods and treats among the usual tinctures and oils known to the industry. Here’s a brief analysis with respect to the different essentials consumers can give a shot at:

50mg Baked Cake Cake Pops

Gold Label Labs’ Cake pops come in either Caramel Carrot Cake or Pineapple flavors. For every cake pop, consumers can expect to ingest 50mg of CBD, which is pretty significant. This is definitely something to praise, considering the fact that most treats require more CBD content in order to feel any results. Every purchase amounts to approximately $10, however, it is unclear as to how many cake pops come in each tube purchased.

250mg CBD Pet Tincture

In addition to serving as a brand for the people, it is clear that Gold Label Labs values pet health as well. Their 250mg CBD Pet Tincture supposedly contains 99.8% of pure CBD, which has been organically and is US-grown. The CBD content has been combined with a bacon-flavored MCT oil (from coconut oil) for optimal taste and added health benefits. Pet owners can expect to invest $30.

300-700-1200mg CBD Tincture

Like the former product, which was tailored to the needs of pets, humans are also offered pure CBD-infused tinctures. Currently, three different strengths are offered including a 300, 700 and 1200mg. What differentiates the former from this tincture is the fact that instead of using bacon, lemon and cinnamon oil extracts have been combined in their MCT oil. The prices range between $45 and $120.

500mg CBD Salve Applicator

Salves are ideal for those experiencing physical discomfort that requires immediate healing. In particular, oils and tinctures are delivered to the whole body, whereas salves are topicals that are applied onto the affected regions. Gold Label Labs definitely takes the win here, as they are the only ones to have created a salve that contains as much as 500mg of CBD. Consumers can expect to invest $50 for 2 ounces.

1000mg CBD E-liquid

The CBD-infused e-liquids offered by Gold Label Labs come in four nostalgic flavors that are surely to bring consumers back to their childhoods, i.e. Blueberry Lemonade, Cotton Candy, Banana Nut Bread and Orange Creamsicle. As the name implies, each e-liquid contains 1000mg of CBD and as for its content, an 80/20 PG/VG (propylene glycol/vegetable glycol) has been considered – where PG has been deemed “generally recognized as safe” by the FDA. The e-liquids are currently offered at about $95.

For those who enjoy treats like jelly worms, gummies, rainbow sour belts and sour apple rings, Gold Label Labs offers all four with the first two comprising of 250mg of CBD, while the latter two contains 500mg. This being said, each piece of jelly worm and gummies contains 25mg of CBD, whereas each piece of rainbow sour belt and sour apple rings come out to 50mg per piece. As for its prices, they range anywhere between $25 and $45.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Gold Label Labs definitely has a competitive edge when it comes to the CBD-infusions they’ve achieved. Not only have they offered tinctures and salves, which today are considered norms within the CBD industry, they have also successfully created treats and candies that take consumers back in time and contain potent quantities of CBD per piece.

Hence, diversity and potency are clearly their advantages. Diversity should be emphasized, as not all consumers prefer the ingestion of one type of CBD infusion, and the obvious fact that different delivery methods signify different levels of results (i.e. prolonged to immediate), which should also be considered based on the type of pain experienced.

One thing that Gold Label Labs need to focus on is connecting with the people, as the lack of information makes it hard to trust not only the product but also the brand. In particular, some of the essentials provided were clear in indicating how much CBD was present per serving, while others – like tinctures – was not that obvious because the quantity found within the bottle was not mentioned. All this being said, such information might be accessible via personally contacting Gold Label Labs or Pecos Valley Production. For more information, check out:

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