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Your CBD Source: Care-Free CBD-Rich Full-Spectrum Hemp Tincture And Vape Oil




Your CBD Source

About Your CBD Source

All Your CBD Source Products are infused with naturally occurring Cannabidiol and have been manufactured with USDA-certified organic hemp grown in Colorado. Your CBD Source offers free shipping on orders more than $75 and currently accepts E-Checks directly through their website. This is a convenient way of paying for purchases since no stamps are required. The company claims to take time to make everything right, and only delivers high-quality products to the market.

Your CBD Source Products

Although the FDA has not approved Your CBD Source products, they have numerous health benefits. Read on to understand their features.

Care Free CBD Tinctures

This is a fully organic coconut oil Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) tincture. The oil is infused with full spectrum hemp with natural cannabinoids. Customers can choose the 600mg,1200mg or 1800mg hemp oil concentrations of this product. The hemp oil is CO2 –extracted so as to retain useful nutrients and terpenes. Available flavors are orange, sweet non-spicy cinnamon, peppermint, natural, and Velvety vanilla. This oil can be added to food or a drink. A more effective method of intake is adding one or two droppers under the tongue for around 30 seconds for full absorption. After that, the user can swallow but the longer the oil is placed under the tongue, the better the absorption. A 600MG bottle goes for $49.99, a 120mg $74.99, while the 1800mg bottle costs $99.99.

Care Free CBD Soft-Gels

Infused with 50mg full spectrum hemp oil, each pack comes with 60 soft gels. Your CBD Source Soft Gels are THC-free and have hence no psychoactive effects. The gels have terpenes, β-caryophyllene, and Myrcene, all which are very beneficial to the buyer’s wellness. This product costs $99.99, and the user is required to add one soft gel a day to food.

Care Free Vape “Extreme”

Care Free Vape comes with plain naturally occurring terpenes and gives a slight “hempy” finish. Available options to choose from 600mg CBD in 30ml, 300mg CBD in 30ml, and 150mg CBD in a 15ml bottle. These cost $64.99, $49.99, and $24.99 respectively.

Natural and unflavored 2500mg and 1250mg 120ml bottles retail at $199.00 and 129.99 respectively. Your CBD source makes this in a single small batch, and buyers are required to wait for some time once they place an order. All these concentrations have glass droppers for purity. The vape can be placed under the tongue just like a tincture or used in a vape pen.

1500mg Care Free CBD Isolate Terpenes Tincture

Made with 1500mg isolate CBD, this tincture is good at offering instant relief from pain, anxiety low moods, and stress. It contains no palm oil, is vegan-free, gluten free, dairy free, and non-GMO. The seller offers lab results of this product upon request. The recommended dose is one to two droppers, which should be added to food, drinks, or placed under the tongue.

Where To Get Your CBD Source Products

You can easily find Your CBD Source products on their online store. They have a free email ([email protected]) where customers can reach out and ask questions. Another option is their number – 720-353-5705. They respond to emails within 48 hours.

Are Your CBD Source Products Worth Buying?

The flexibility in hemp concentrations of Your CBD Source products makes it easy for different classes of users to find a product that precisely suits their needs. The prices are fair, and since the company issues product lab results upon request, you can easily trust their product’s credibility. We feel that Your CBD Source CBD products are worth a try. However, pregnant or nursing mothers should consult their doctors first before using these products as some hemp chemicals might affect an infant’s health.

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