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Merry Jane House Of Jane Cannabis Oil Extract Infused Gourmet Coffee K-Cups




Merry Jane House Of Jane Cannabis Oil Extract Infused Gourmet Coffee K-Cups

About Merry Jane

Merry Jane is a cannabis-based online platform. It was launched in 2015 by rapper Snoop Dogg, together with Ted Chung, a Media entrepreneur. The Merry Jane website features editorial content on the history, business, and politics of the Cannabis industry. There is also an original video series and a database that identifies different cannabis strains and dispensaries. To date, Merry Jane and its founders have taken the front line in campaigning for Marijuana Legalization in the United States.

On top of Merry Jane’s active stance in educating the public about cannabis and its benefits, they partner with big brands to help patients in need of Marijuana Dispensary services. They also have a line of potent CBD products with all-rounded health benefits. Today, we will take a look at Merry Jane’s CBD and THC edibles.

Merry Jane Products

Cannabis Infused Gourmet Hot Chocolate

Merry Jane is a house of cannabis-infused Gourmet Coffee K cups. Their coffee is fast acting and long lasting. It leaves no cannabis smell after use or taste. This chocolate is sweet and gives the user a relaxed feeling.

Subtle Tea

Merry Jane’s Subtle tea is meant to give the user a relaxed feeling. Other benefits are stress relief, mood enhancement, anxiety relief, more focus, better brain function, and better night sleep. Infused with high-grade CBD, SubtleTea comes with an earthy taste.

Dixie Elixirs Wild Berry Lemonade

Dixie Elixirs Wild Berry Lemonade is one of the distinctive CBD products sold by Merry Jane, owing to its unique features. It is meant to make the user feel creative, and enhance the brain function. Served in an easy to use bottle, this drink has a lemon flavor.

Venice Cookie Co. – CannaQuenchers

This drink is one of Merry Jane’s potent Psychoactive edibles. It contains 100mg THC and is responsible for giving the user an intoxicating or “high” feeling. Venice Cookie Co. is meant to make the user feel creative and jovial. It comes in a sweet strawberry flavor for easy administering.

Cannabis Quencher

Made with a strawberry lemonade flavor, Cannabis Quencher is formulated to make the user creative, sharp, and thoughtful. This product contains full cannabis health benefits, and may also be used to heighten moods, reduce stress, and lower anxiety levels. You can also get this product in a lemonade flavor.

Mirth Provisions Sparkling Rainier Cherry

Mirth Provisions Sparkling Rainier Cherry is meant to make the user more creative and thoughtful. It improves brain function, and is easy to use. This product has a grape flavor.

Mirth Provisions Sparkling Lemon Ginger

Coming with a lemon flavor, this product requires no prescription. The user can take it anytime when in need of getting a relaxed feel, or mood enhancement. A lemon flavor is used for fun intake.

Dixie Citrus Açai Lift

Meant for enhancing the user’s energy levels, this edible by Merry Jane is made with a Citrus flavor. It is best taken on a dull day, during or after a workout, and when starting the day.

Waska Chocolate Milk

Waska Chocolate Milk is meant to make the user happy. This edible has a chocolate flavor and carries the nutritional and health benefits of cannabis.

Dixie Elixirs Sparkling Pomegranate

Made with a berry taste, this edible has dull cannabis benefits, it is meant to improve the user’s creativity and enhance brain function.

Merry Jane Bottom Line

At the moment, we are unable to access Merry Jane’s product test results. While this is something that should be addressed on the go, their products have tons of benefits. We hence suggest that you try out one of the above brands.

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