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VPX Stoked Drinks: New Cannabidiol-Infused Carbonated CBD Beverage

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VPX Stoked Drinks

The traditional mindset often evident in the CBD industry is witnessing quite the disruption in terms of relentless innovation in how we take the therapeutic compound. VPX Sports is just among the many brands looking to destroy the old paradigms of CBD intake through advanced beverages. But before we get to the ‘Stoked’ drink, let’s learn the background.

About VPX Sports

VPX Sports operates as a beverage brand with the focus of providing energy and wellness drinks. The company is behind the widely acclaimed Bang Energy drink, a flavored energy beverage. In addition to Bang Energy, the brand also prides itself of having products such as the REDLINE weight-loss drink and New Meltdown, first carbonated ketone beverage.

What We Know Of The Stoked Drinks

Recently, the brand’s CEO, Jack Owoc sought to introduce their new addition to their product line. The new VPX Stoked Drink is another industry first, in terms of a carbonated beverage drink. Not much is still open about the product, and VPX Sports have decided to stick with a teaser mentality. Again we were able to identify the product’s name and official confirmation that from the CEO of the intended launch.

Our suspicions on the drink being a CBD beverage were also confirmed with the image release of the VPX Stoked. The drink cans feature a hemp leaf logo and even reads “CBD” on the side top. As for the name, VPX Sports opts to label the whole can with ‘STOKED,’ perhaps to indicate its name.

As of now, the nutritional information remains secret. Our efforts to have the parent company provide more details also hit a dead-end with the customer support often non-responsive. Also, we are not aware of the price or flavors available for the Stoked drink, something that does not sit well with us. However, the VPX Stoked beverage is indicated to weigh 60z for each can. The purchase option available for the drink is buying a 12 Pack. Apart from that, the new VPX Stoked drink is yet to provide additional details.

VPX Stoked Drinks Conclusion

All we can gather from VPX is that its product teaser indicates its entrance into CBD-based energy drinks. But we still take issue with the need to use a product teaser by VPX Sports. Hopefully, the brand will provide more information soon before it hit the shelves. We will be waiting to learn what it has to offer.

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