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Vape Bright CBD: Best Cannabidiol Vape Oil Juice Cartridges with Terpenes?

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In recent times, the use of cannabinol (CBD) has expanded to the point where unique solutions and delivery methods have shown to relieve stress, body pain, inflammation and even promote healthier skin. While this respective market is still under study (as not a lot of research exists to confirm its benefits), several consumers around the world claim it to be effective. An interesting way to ingest CBD, believe it or not, is through vaping.

Vaping CBD is believed to be immediate because it bypasses the digestive system and enters the bloodstream via the lungs. It has been a preferred alternative to oils because of its instant effects, which offer short-term relief. This is where Vape Bright comes into play.

Vape Bright proclaims its CBD vapes as being organic and free of toxins known that can possibly deteriorate one’s health. The purpose of this review is to further explore Vape Bright to see if they keep up with their claims made. Some of the factors that will be considered throughout this piece include Vape Bright’s purpose, their source of CBD, the products offered and affordability.

What Is Vape Bright?

Vape Bright offers CBD-infused vapes with the intentions of coming up with innovative ways to maximize the effects of CBD and to depict the different ways in can be ingested. As per the claims made, their CBD has been derived from organic hemp oil to ensure that one’s health is not compromised. Let’s take a closer look at their organic CBD source.

Vape Bright CBD Source

After further analysis, it has been noted that Vape Bright’s source of CBD is derived from a foreign source. As per the claims made by Vape Bright, their CBD has been extracted from industrial hemp from Scandinavia for “legal reasons” and because they have more advanced practices.

In general, Scandinavian countries are believed to have restricted laws when it comes to CBD ingestion and production. For instance, CBD products should not contain more than 0.2% of THC. This is a good sign considering that the accepted threshold known to be free of mind-altering effects is 0.3%. However, the downside with said restriction is that they only support the extraction of CBD, which implies Vape Bright vapes are not full spectrum (as seen in the product description as well).

Vape Bright Products

Vape Bright is widely known for their CBD vape cartridge called “Thrive”. Thrive is supposedly naturally flavored and is said to contain 10 mg of pure CBD per serving. In addition, it is said to contain terpenes, which is a naturally-derived flavor known of the hemp plant. In most cases, firms that focus on the extraction of “pure CBD” tend to eliminate terpenes, but this is a disadvantage considering the fact that they contain therapeutic properties that contribute towards one’s overall healing experience.

As for its uses, consumers are advised to take 10 to 12 inhalations for 2 to 3 seconds each time. It is also important to note that there is no fixed suggestion for CBD intake, therefore, the necessary serving amount might vary from individual to individual. The best way to truly know whether a serving size is effective is to simply undergo several trial and errors, starting with a smaller number of puffs and increasing it gradually.

In addition to the Thrive, consumers can also purchase it alongside the “Vape Bright Batter, Charger and Case”. As for the battery, it is a 510-thread battery that does not require any buttons, supposedly has a battery life of 100 inhalations, charges within 30 minutes and carries a 3.2 volt setting to maximize on size of vape.

Vape Bright Product Prices

Here is a breakdown of Vape Bright essentials’ prices as seen on their official website:

  • Thrive Beyond CBD Vape Cartridge (250mg): $55
  • Thrive CBD Vape Cartridge (200mg): $45
  • Thrive Beyond Starter Pack (250mg w/Battery): $65
  • Vape Bright Starter Pack (200mg w/Battery): $55
  • 3 Pack Thrive CBD Vape Cartridge (600mg): $128
  • 5 Pack Thrive CBD Vape Cartridge (1000mg): $202

Based on the prices above, Vape Bright essentials appear to be comparable to the average CBD vape brand. The prices are relatively low; however, this could be solely due to the fact that the concentration of CBD found in their vapes are rather limited to 200 or 250mg, along with the fact that a purer source of CBD is present as opposed to a full spectrum source.

Vape Bright Conclusion

Overall, Vape Bright appears to be an interesting brand to consider for vaping CBD. Not only have they considered an organic source for hemp to extract CBD from, but they’ve also ensured to include terpenes, which is typically removed when extracting pure CBD source. Additionally, their decision to stick to its natural flavor, as opposed to adding colorants and sugar is praiseworthy as it can easily deteriorate the properties of CBD.

Some things consumers should keep in mind is their source of CBD, which is not full spectrum. Full spectrum has been suggested to be far more superior than pure CBD because of its ability to provide a stronger solution. This at large could be due to Scandinavia’s restricted laws.

Also, Vape Bright does not offer explicitly offer any evidence to validate their claims, therefore, consumers should directly contact them for more information prior to making a purchase. Finally, the prices are reasonably set and can be taken advantage of by the mass population. To learn more, go to:

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