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Hemp Hydrate: Natural Hemp Extract Infused Water Health Benefits?

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Hemp Hydrate is a company that developed a water-based beverage that still offers all of the support of hemp, but without the taste. The remedy is sold through, though it does not come with the free expedited shipping of a Prime membership.

What Is Hemp Hydrate?

CBD and hemp extracts are becoming more popular as the Farm Bill is passed and as multiple states have continued to legalize cannabis. Most companies keep it simple by just producing CBD oil, but that kind of product does not work for everyone’s lifestyle and preference. Rather than trying to make gummies or shakes, the creators of Hemp Hydrate have made the substance even easier to consume as a water-based beverage.

Hemp Hydrate first creates hemp extract, which is an oily substance to start off. However, the company has managed to find a way to isolate the extract alone to eliminate the oil and waves, which are components that make the taste less than appetizing anyway. According to the website, the process is further described by adding,

“We shrink those hemp molecules and wrap them in layers of water, so they can suspend perfectly in our water. Our bottling experts then use a proprietary infusion process that results in natural tasting and crystal-clear water.”

Hemp Hydrate contains absolutely no odor or calories, which means that consumers can get all of the benefits of hemp while they maintain the right hydration level. Each bottle offers 3mg of hemp extract and uses reverse osmosis as a method of purification. Overall, the drink is just meant to promote wellness in the body, though consumers can experience enhanced performance as well.

Considering the neutral pH balance and the low level of hemp extract involved, consumers can drink this as their everyday water. In fact, it is so well-balanced that consumers can even give it to their pets, considering the company’s description of it as a “microbiome superfood.” There is no specific amount that the user needs to drink every day, but the formula appears to be meant for the user’s general wellness.

So far, the work of the Hemp Hydrate creators has gotten some attention from multiple partners and contributors. Sports Rehab, Jamal Liggin Training (JLT), and Alex Fine Performance have all gotten involved. While JLT and Alex Fine are primarily focused around assisting with the training of consumers, Sports Rehab is a Premier Sports Injury Recovery & Prevention Center.

Purchasing Hemp Hydrate

Customers that want to purchase Hemp Hydrate don’t have to go through the official website or even a dispensary. Instead, the product is sold through a third-party website – Amazon. Amazon purchases can be sent almost anywhere, and consumers won’t have to worry about the legality of purchasing a hemp-infused remedy.

Right now, a 12-pack of the waters is available for $41.88, though the product does not qualify for Prime membership shipping. Each bottle contains 16.9 fluid ounces.

Contacting Hemp Hydrate

Learning about this product is as easy as checking the website for details. However, if there are any other questions that need to be addressed, then customers can reach out via phone call or email.

Hemp Hydrate Conclusion

Hemp Hydrate allows consumers to take part in hemp extract, but without the taste that they want to shy away from. However, there is not much else on the website to describe the process or anything further about the water. Luckily, since the water is sold through Amazon right now, consumers are able to easily try out the remedy for themselves.

Companies that want to distribute the water beverages for consumers can reach out to customer service to get involved.

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