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Thorne Hemp Oil + Supplement: Certified Organic Phytocannabinoids?

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Hemp is mainly cultivated in Europe for foods, dietary supplements, and clothing among other commercial items. Hemp naturally cultivated in Europe contains less than 0.3% of THC and is thus allowed to be legally imported and sold to 50 US states. Here we will have a close look at the Thorne Company and Its Thorne Hemp Oil +, which is the main hemp product it sells.

An Overview of Thorne Company

Thorne produces high-quality products, which are subjected to rigorous testing to ensure that customers get value for their money. Established in 1984, this company has been in operating for around 35 years, throughout producing dietary supplements. Thorne guarantees that the hemp oil used in all their products is extracted from the plant’s stalk and seeds. They make sure that crucial hemp terpenes and phytocannabinoids are all included in the oil. Additionally, they add extracts from plants such as black pepper, cloves, hops, and rosemary to improve their product’s overall quality.

What Benefits do You Get by Buying from Thorne?

Since the company does an extensive lab testing on its offers, most of its products are of high quality. Moreover, Thorne products are a blend of organic and non-GMO ingredients.

Thorne offers free shipping. At the moment, their products are available in the USA only. Unfortunately, the company has no return policy, and if you are unpleased with the product you bought, you might have to cope with it. Purchases are made from Thorne’s online shop, and the company’s customer care is highly active. You can reach the company on email, or phone- (800) 228-1966.

Thorne Coupon Code

Although Thorne has high-end products, there are several discounts, subscription codes, coupon codes, and promotions. You get all these once you follow them on social media or subscribe to the Thorne Newsletter.

Thorne claims that all their oil hemp helps with relieving anxiety, stress, discomfort and improving the digestive system’s functioning. Hemp oil used by Thorne are certified organic, non-GMO, and derived from European Union’s ecologically farmed sources.

Thorne Hemp Oil +

Hemp Oil + is a safe, effective, and legal new generation of hemp oil. Being a clean and synergistic blend of phytocannabinoids, Hemp Oil + supports regulates and nourishes the endocannabinoid system of the body. By doing so, Hemp Oil + benefits the user by improving gut motility, easing discomfort, and relieving stress. Many individuals feel positive results of Hemp Oil + immediately. Hemp Oil + is made of beta-caryophyllene from plants like black pepper and cloves.

Hemp Oil + is sold at $68.00, and each unit has 30 Gelcaps. Compared to the features this product has and how other brands are priced, Hemp Oil + id fairly priced and worth the cost.

How Does Thorne Hemp Oil + Help the Body?

  • Thorne Hemp Oil + balances the response of the user’s body to anxious feelings stress, fear, and physical discomfort.
  • It relieves all discomforts that are nerve-related.
  • The hemp oil supports the user’s digestive system health and regularity

Hemp Oil + Features


By spiking hemp products with isolated cannabinoids instead of using hemp oil with natural phytocannabinoids, some companies violate Federal law. However, Thorne’s Hemp Oil + Is made of naturally occurring phytocannabinoids, and this sets it apart. Also, Hemp Oil + IS non-GMO, just as directed by the European Union.


A number of brands grow hemp stalk with no concern for the environment. Thorne however, prioritizes on environmental sustainability. Hemp Oil + meets European eco-farming standards.


Hemp Oil + is made using plants grown and harvested in Europe without being sprayed with pesticides. The product’s chances of adversely impacting health are thus minimal.

Final Verdict

Based on our in-depth research, we can comfortably vouch for Thorne products and its Hemp Oil +. The drawbacks are minimal one of them being a no-return policy and having only one Hemp product. Customer reviews are few, and while some feel dissatisfied with the company and its CBD oil, most of those who left reviews seem satisfied. If you are thus looking for an organic CBD solution to physical discomfort, stress, and anxiety, we can comfortably recommend Thorne Hemp Oil +.

The COR CBD Reviewers team embodies research-driven dedication by delivering finely-churned and freshly-minted reviews of cannabidiol and hemp supplements to help clear customer confusion. As consumers, we only want the best quality as the top priority. As reviewers, we want to dig deep into the company and product line and design in-depth deep dives for examining a brand's history, ingredient sourcing, purity origins, taste, customer service, shipping support, return refund policy, pricing and third-party lab results.

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