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Therabis: Veterinarian-Formulated Whole-Plant Hemp Oil Dog Products

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Cannabinoids derived from plants have gradually been proven to positively impact humans because of the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). In particular, the body naturally creates cannabinoids as well, hence when an interaction between both types of naturally-derived cannabinoids occur, it brings some form of effect.

Interestingly, most of the attention has been given to humans, but what some fail to realize is that our pets also have the very same ECS, with CB1 and CB2 receptors (brain and immune function-related respectively) and natural runner cannabinoids: anandamide and 2-AG, which are the gateways to induce effects to the central and peripheral nervous systems. With pets in mind comes Therabis.

Therabis was supposedly created with the health of older dogs in mind. The following review will provide an in-depth analysis of Therabis with respect to its purpose, and the pet essentials offered.

What is Therabis?

Therabis is a line of CBD-infused pet essentials that was researched and developed by a veterinarian named Dr. Katz – who has been praised for having spent his entire lifetime on R&D of natural formulas.

As previously mentioned, the reason for Therabis’ existence stemmed from the need to help older dogs attain optimal comfort, as they are more prone to chronic conditions, inactivity and reduced mobility to name a few. Let’s take a look at how Therabis plans to ease said conditions and prevent it for future pets.

Pet Essentials Therabis

It seems like pet owners can choose between five different essentials to ensure their dogs’ health is on par. They include, the Calm and Quiet, Up and Moving, Stop the Itch, Calm and Quiet Soft Chews and the Happy and Healthy Soft Chews. To see how one differs from the next, here’s a brief product description and suggested benefits:

Calm and Quiet

Like humans, dogs also experience anxiety, and for those with such conditions, the slightly to the loudest noise can result in distress. This is supposedly the main reason why Calm and Quiet was created. The active ingredients found in this respective blend include full spectrum hemp oil, L-theanine, Calcium, Hemp Protein and Green Lipped Mussel – all of which contribute towards anxiety and tension relief.

Based on the claims made, each solution has been created with the size of the dog in mind, which is essential in determining the appropriate dosage of CBD. Prices range between $9 and $56. If powdered solutions are not preferred, an alternative is offered in soft chews, which costs anywhere between $35 and $57.

Up and Moving

Up and Moving supposedly targets dogs with poor joint, back and hip health. In addition to the aforementioned ingredients found in Calm and Quiet, Molasses and Chromium have also been included, both of which are known to help stabilize sugar levels in pets. Also, the combination of chromium and vitamins C and E supposedly work together to keep dogs upbeat. Prices are similar to Calm and Quiet and vary according to supply and size of dog.

Stop the Itch

As the name implies, Stop the Itch has been designed to help attain relief for dogs who consistently have to deal with their itchy-selves. In addition to providing relief to this particular issue, additional ingredients such as bromelain and quercetin have been included to reduce irritation and promote hair and skin health. The previously mentioned duo is believed to ease dogs from scratching and hotspots as well.

Happy and Healthy Soft Chews

Last but not least, we have the Happy and Healthy Soft Chews, which have allegedly been formulated to attain overall wellness. It is said to promote healthy skin, hair and joint while ensuring that dogs’ mood and overall functionality are both maximized. Unlike the former four, this respective solution can be taken daily, as it claims to contain essential vitamins and minerals.

Therabis Review Summary

Overall, Therabis appears to be valuable for pets’ health, as the brand has since focused on individual health areas and expanded on each to ensure optimal health. Several reasons can be used to argue the brand’s overall value.

First, Therabis makes it easy to understand how to pick an essential according to a concern. This is reflected in the product names themselves – making it less confusing for pet owners to distinguish the difference among several. Second, with each product made available, Dr. Katz ensures to provide pet owners details as to how hemp-derived CBD positively impacts pet health in an easy-to-understand manner. This goes to show that Therabis is not only in it for business, but also to ensure that pet owners are well-informed on what they will be purchasing.

Next, the ingredients used in each solution appears to come from a natural and organic source free from chemicals. This is ideal considering the fact that the latter type of ingredients can potentially defeat the potential hemp-derived CBD has in bringing relief.

Lastly, Therabis ensures that each essential has been created with the size of dogs in mind. This is an important factor to consider, as it gives an idea as to how much CBD one can tolerate, as opposed to doing trial and error. To find out more, check out:

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