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Imbue Botanicals: Organic Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil for People and Pets

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imbue botanicals

Interested in trying out cannabinol (CBD)-infused products to optimize health? Not sure where to start? When it comes to ingesting CBD, consumers need to be cautious, as not all brands found within its respective industry are created equally. Some of the factors that are surely to induce confidence in consumers include the quality of CBD used and how transparent the firm is with their customers, where the former is just as important as the latter.

Although the former allows consumers to feel some confidence in what he or she is likely to ingest, the latter promotes trust, which for many is fundamental. All this being said, one firm seems to stand out in both respects and its none other than im·bue botanicals.

im·bue botanicals prides itself for having three decades of experience in dealing with botanical solutions. In addition to placing emphasis on the end-product, focus on consumer satisfaction and sustainability has also been considered. Hence, this review will explore im·bue botanicals to assess their true value within the CBD industry.

What is im·bue Botanicals?

im·bue botanicals is supposedly founded on the idea that “centuries-old botanicals” have the potential in improving both human and pets’ health. Given the similarities and differences between humans and pets, im·bue botanicals claims to offer a wide range of CBD-infused products with varying strength levels that are both safe and effective in bringing results. For a complete picture, let’s take a look at im·bue botanicals’ offerings.

What does im·bue Botanicals Offer?

im·bue botanicals is categorized into two separate branches: CBD for People and CBD for Pets respectively. Here’s what consumers can expect:

CBD for People

Consumers have the option in choosing between CBD-infused capsules, tinctures, topicals and speciality products. This method of ingestion either come in 5, 10 or 25mg of CBD per vegan capsule. Based on the claims made by previous and current users, the capsules seem to be most effective in healing chronic arthritis and attaining pain relief.

The tinctures come in two types. The first one, called, “Health”, contains 40mg of CBD. The low dosage was chosen to allow consumers to use it for general health concerns. Then there’s “Vitality”, which was designed for those with higher tolerance levels (i.e.100 mg of CBD). As per the claims made, the 100mg was more effective than the 40mg for some customers, but once again, this has a lot to do with tolerance and severity of health concern. As for its potential benefits, it seems to have helped induced sleep, relieved anxiety levels and eased seizures.

Out of all of the essentials offered, that of the topicals’ line is extensive. Consumers can choose lip essentials (25mg of CBD/ peppermint and strawberry flavor), facial creams (50mg of CBD per ounce), lotions (200mg of CBD), salves (200mg of CBD), eye creams (50mg of CBD), and massage oils (200mg of CBD/ Orange & Clove or Lemon & Rosemary).

What makes im·bue botanicals’ approach praiseworthy is their decision to create topicals that ease pain and promote enhanced skin health. For instance, CBD-infused eye creams are rarely offered, and im·bue botanicals’ approach in using CBD along with essential oils not only rids inflammation but enhances skin quality altogether. In particular, this implies targeting dry and aged skin, dark spots, and uneven skin tones to name a few.

CBD for Pet

CBD for Pet targets three different animals, which include dogs, cats and horses. Out of the three pets, the line targeting dogs appears to be slightly more complete than the latter two. When it comes to dogs, dog owners can pick between nose balm (100mg of CBD), K9Comfort for Dogs (40mg of CBD), which is a tincture designed to treat seizures, salves (200mg of CBD) and capsules designed according to dog size.

Cats that typically experience a sense of jumpiness, anxiety and any other type of pain that needs relieving can potentially use the KittyComfort for Cats tincture (20mg of CBD) or the capsules containing 5mg of CBD each as feasible solutions. As for horses, they can either benefit from the salves (800 to 1600mg of CBD per salve) or the tinctures (2000mg of CBD for 4 ounce). In particular, the formula for horses have been designed with relief and restoration while keeping elimination of inflammation and easy application in mind.

Are im·bue botanicals’ Essentials Reasonably Priced?

As for the prices of im·bue botanicals’ essentials, consumers can expect to invest anywhere between $37 and $115 for “CBD for People” line of products and anywhere between $75 and $295 for the “CBD for Pets” line of products. Based on the aforementioned prices breakdown, it is evident that they are priced reasonably when considering the industry standard. If anything, they appear to be more affordable considering the quality of CBD present, i.e. full spectrum, along with the various strength levels made available.

im·bue botanical Review Summary

Overall, im·bue botanicals appears to be a brand worth considering, as they carry a wide range of beneficial essentials. What makes im·bue botanicals stand out as a safe brand is their use of Colorado-based hemp. Going with US-based essentials, especially that of Colorado is ideal considering their strict guidelines, which ensure clean produce and safety.

Another facet that makes them desirable is their use of full spectrum CBD, which contains a mix of cannabinoids for optimal results. As per their product description, additional ingredients have also been chosen wisely to promote health.

Furthermore, their “Earth First” approach in coming up with essentials allegedly ensures that neither pesticides or harmful chemicals were used in the growth process. Finally, the prices appear to be fair considering the high concentrations made available for both humans and pets. To learn more, go to:

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