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The Roasterie CBD Infused Cold Brew Coffee Drink Launches with CBD American Shaman Partnership

Andrew T



The Roasterie CBD Infused Cold Brew Coffee

CBD products seem to be launched by the dozens lately, and The Roasterie seems to want to be a part of the movement too. According to a Facebook post by the Kansas City coffee brand, they will be adding to their Canned Cold Brew line with CBD Cold Brew.

The Facebook post says,

“It’s official! We have launched our first Canned Cold Brew line extension with our new CBD infused Cold Brew in partnership CBD American Shaman. Our CBD infused Cold Brew is sold in select American Shaman stores and at our Factory Cafe in Southwest Boulevard. Pick up a can today!”

To create this new coffee, The Roasterie has joined forces with American Shaman.

CBD, or cannabidiol, offers an extract that is found in cannabis plants that many researchers have found can positively impact the body. The endocannabinoid system has receptors that respond to its intake, causing relaxation, reducing inflammation, and even easing pain. Despite deriving from the same plant as THC, this substance does not provide the psychotropic effect that consumers are more familiar with.

Luckily, it still boasts the same benefits. Craig Park, the quality control specialist for The Roasterie, said, “Zero psychoactive effects. It’s totally clean.” Adding to his comments, Park noted, “We’ve been having trouble keeping it on my shelves.”

Sky Morgan, who uses CBD for headache relief, said, “It seems to clear my head and help me focus when I have my migraines.”

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