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90 Day CBD Challenge: Chris Record’s Hempworx MLM Cannabidiol Product Marketing System?

Jane S



90 day cbd challenge

The recent passing of the Farm Bill and the increasing attention towards CBD has elicited a new challenge in the industry – the 90-Day CBD Challenge. The Challenge has been advertised through YouTube videos and other media, but what is it? Why is it important? What can CBD do?

Why CBD Oil?

As said above, CBD is growing in popularity, but why? Scientific research shows that it has a significant effect on the body, helping with issues concerning physical pain and mental stress. There is even been a variation approved by the FDA for the treatment of two types of epilepsy. Multiple reports are available to back up these claims, though there is still a lot of research left to do on it.

Why Does the Public Have A Problem With CBD?

One of the main causes of issue with CBD is that people tend to link it directly with THC, which is a chemical that also comes from cannabis, but it causes a psychotropic effect, making the user feel “high.” However, the public has been greatly misinformed on this account, because hemp-based CBD oil doesn’t create that sensation at all. In fact, even with trace amounts, consumers just get the therapeutic benefits, which is why it is not illegal to use.

Some sources predict that the CBD industry will see $22 billion in sales in the next three years, though it is possible that these projections are extremely low. Considering that it looks like the industry is on the cusp of something massive, this is the time to get invested.

The official website suggests,

“Figure out a way to position yourself in front of this massive shift in the market, and when the 2018 Farm Bill passes in the US (which is assumed to be any day), this will explode the CBD Oil market.”

What Does Legalization Mean For Profits?

Right now, CBD is not quite mainstream, and the way it can be advertised is minimal at best. However, any entrepreneur would be foolish to leave this opportunity to spoil. The creators of the 90-day CBD challenge says that there are already many people flocking to sell CBD, and they have three suggestions that could help these ambitious people:

  • Sell CBD oil on their own
  • Create a sales team to sell CBD
  • Research stocks in CBD

Though the creator seems to taunt that they already know where to invest, they also advise to keep an eye out for Facebook and Instagram. Though these social media websites do not presently allow for the advertising of products, those rules could become more lenient as CBD becomes a mainstream option. In fact, Facebook has already allegedly said that they will allow CBD-related pages to come up in searches, which is a drastically different policy than what they currently hold. However, the key is to avoid claims of what CBD can do, and just focus on advertising the product itself.

What The 90-Day CBD Challenge Entails

The creators of the challenge reveal that they have already established a partnership with a “biz-opp” called HempWorx. For them, this challenge is more of an “affiliate offer” than anything else. Explaining, they elaborate what HempWorx actually offers.

The challenge states,

“HempWorx is a hybrid of a Unilevel Comp Plan and a Binary Comp Plan. The Binary side means you build 2 legs and you try to balance them evenly. People enroll on the left, people enroll on the right, and so on. Basically, like a network marketing biz opp. And if you follow me you know that I’m not interested in stuff like that right now. But here is the deal. The other part of the compensation plan is “Unilevel.” Which in simple terms means you do not need to build the right leg. You can achieve MOST of the commissions by simply referring people and stacking them all on the left side.”

Then, they reveal that they have discovered a method of hacking the compensation plan, focusing on the Unilevel option. They claim that these options allow for participants to make plenty of money, effectively creating a pyramid of enrollments and earnings.

The participant’s responsibility starts by referring members to the challenge, where they will get access to the applicable videos. The recruited members can upgrade to become “Affiliates of the System,” and the entrepreneur that recruits them gets $200 for each new member, along with $up to $40 overrides on each of their sales as well.” Essentially, the participant does nothing more than recruit.

Watch The Video

Participation in the CBD challenge will teach users how to set up the CBD business and there is no former experience necessary to do so. Chris Record spoke on behalf of the challenge. Clearly, this opportunity was only just publicized, however, because the video itself has less than 500 views as of 10:00pm on January 9th, despite being released on November 29th, 2018.

Jane is a regular contributor who learned about the great benefits of CBD a few years ago after starting it herself. Impressed by its effects, she's interested in helping others learn about options that can be helpful for them.

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