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tetralabs product review cbd oral softgels

Currently, there are no Federal or state laws that prohibit the sale and use of CBD-only products derived from Hemp with less than 0.03% THC. Actually, some states encourage CBD-only products as an alternative to products with THC. You thus can enjoy all the health benefits that CBD has to offer given that many companies are now producing and selling CBD product all over the 50 states. One of these companies is TetraLabs. To help you know if TetraLabs products are good for you, we did an intensive review of its products.

The TetraLabs Brand

TetraLabs provides a natural alternative to patients with their specially formulated and packaged products. This company was founded in 2008 as a part-time research project to come up with ultra-pure medical cannabis concentrate with only natural cannabinoids. While the founders did not initially intend to make the project business, patients found out about the products made and started asking for more. Subsequently, TetraLabs Collective was established, and the founders now put the focus on meeting patient demands for effective, safe, and ultra-pure medical cannabis products.

The mission of TetraLabs is researching and developing Pharmaceutical-grade medical cannabis products for people with serious health problems and require safe and dependable medicine. The company is seen to take customer service seriously, as they quickly answer customer questions quickly through email.

TetraLabs Products

TetraLabs solely focuses on producing three CBD-only products namely: CBD Oral Softgels, CBD Oral Spray, and CBD Vape Cartridge.

GoldCaps CBD Oral Softgels

This is a CBD-only product with no THC. It is crystal pure with no impurities and being having been crystallized from natural hemp plant extract, GoldCaps Oral Softgels have a 99% CBD purity. This 10mg dosage comes with 10, 30, or 60 capsules per bottle and costs $35, $90, and $160 respectively. It is clinically precise and a metered dose any user can rely on any time.

GoldCaps CBD ingredients are grape seed oil and natural hemp plant – nothing else. CBD-rich hemp oil that could contain unwanted compounds is not used, and there are thus no traces of psychoactive THC. Taken orally, GoldCaps have an onset time of around 45 minutes, with their healing effect lasting 6 to 12 hours.

GoldMist CBD Oral Spray

Unlike tinctures, edibles, and dropper bottles, GoldMist CBD oral spray gives the user an exact dose each time. This is because a micro-atomizer sprays a precise amount to the user’s mouth, and the dose is usually 1.25mg of CBD. A patient who needs s 5mg of CBD hence will need to take four sprays. This product’s borosilicate glass is small, easy, and convenient to use. It has a tight-fitting cap to keep the nozzle clean. With 100mg CBD, the 3.5ml vial dispenses 80 sprays. This product contains no THC and is hence completely non-psychoactive.

The product’s CBD is refined from natural hemp plant extract into pure crystals before being combined with other ingredients. Other ingredients are grain alcohol, sweetener, and natural favoring’s oil. Being a clinically precise, metered dose, the users do no guessing as they know what they are exactly getting. When this product is exposed to light, heat, or oxygen, some slight discoloration might occur. One vial (3.5ml, 100MG CBD) goes for $40, while 5 vials (3.5ml, 100mg CBD) currently costs $190. The onset time of this product is within 15 minutes, and relief lasts 1 to 2 hours.

GoldCarts CBD Vape Cartridge

Currently selling at $60, GoldCarts CBD cartridges are crystal clear and contain no THC. TetraLabs removes all impurities and compounds that make other cartridges dark and its GoldCarts CBD is, therefore, crystal clear like water. This product has disposable cartridges and switchless batteries to ease vaporizing.

Based on how much the user inhales, the cartridge has about 100 to 250 puffs and an overall 100mg CBD. When exposed to oxygen, light or heat, slight discoloration might occur. No combustion by-products, particulates or carbon monoxide are available. The key ingredients are 100mg CBD, refined fruit extract carrier, and natural flavorings. The onset is immediate, and relief lasts 1 to 2 hours.

TetraLabs Review Summary

For now, we can comfortably recommend TetraLabs products to anyone looking for a CBD-only natural relief with no THC. The product’s fast onset, high quality, and favorable prices are features rare to find in the CBD industry. Additionally, TetraLabs has managed to build a good reputation over its past 10 years of operation.

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