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Cheyann Shaw Active CBD Oil Tinctures and Gummies on DiscoverCBD




Cheyann Shaw Active CBD Oil Tinctures and Gummies on DiscoverCBD

Cheyann Shaw signature tinctures and gummies were born after Cheyann Shaw, a 25-year-old ovarian cancer survivor was introduced to Discover CBD products that changed her life altogether. Before then, she had tried all sorts of prescriptions to solve pain from massive tumors that could push into her spine, and inflammation in the stomach resulting from multiple surgeries. The prescriptions did not work.

Improvements noted from using CBD products were pain and inflammation relief, anxiety and PSTD relief, as well as better night sleep with no tossing and turning. As a result, Cheyann Shaw started working with the Discover CBD Company to create favorite topical flavors with no filters added. To this day, Cheyann Shaw uses CBD and THC products every day to feel a better version of herself and her signature series of tinctures and gummies have helped restore many patient’s health.

Cheyann Shaw Tinctures and Gummies

Cheyann Shaw Tinctures

Designed explicitly by Cheyann Shaw, these tinctures come in a 300mg 1oz bottle that costs $24.99. They are THC free and thus non-psychoactive. Discover CBD observes the highest purity measures, and this product is over 99% pure CBD. Cheyann Shaw Tinctures are third-party lab tested, and any user can access the lab test results by merely scanning the QRT code on the bottle’s label.

The key ingredients of Cheyann Shaw Tinctures are 99% + CBD isolate from hemp, MCT oil, and Organic flavoring. Made of CBD, this product is good for people in search of natural remedies for pain, seizures, anxiety, cancer, diabetes, and loss of sleep among others. Discover CBD delivers these tinctures all over the 50 states of America since here. It is safe to sell and use CBD only products. While this company might ship CBD tinctures to another country, there is no guarantee of the product’s delivery outside the USA due to the significant variations in hemp CBD laws worldwide. In the case of non-delivery, Discover CBD is not responsible for refunds.

Like many CBD products, Cheyann Show tinctures are not for use by people under 18 years of age, unless directed otherwise. Pregnant mothers or people who are nursing and if the user has a severe condition, he or she should first consult a doctor before taking the tinctures. Likewise, Cheyann tinctures are not meant to replace doctors’ prescription but are solely meant to supplement the user’s health.

Cheyann Shaw Gummies

Selling at $44.99, Cheyann Shaw signature series Gummies are THC-free thus non-psychoactive, and each gummy bear has 10mgs of CBD. The product has no taste or odor associated with that of Hemp or CBD oil but has assorted tropical flavors. These gummies are made with no preservatives, fillers, additives or solvents. The hemp making Cheyann Shaw Gummies is non-GMO. To maintain high quality and potency levels, each produced batch is independently tested by a third-party lab. The key ingredients are gelatin, Citric acid, sugar, CBD isolate, Natural flavoring, natural coloring, coconut oil, and Sorbitol. This product is only shipped from Monday to Wednesday during the summer months, as gummies would melt if they sat on a vehicle all weekend long.

Cheyann Shaw Review Final Verdict

While the history of Cheyann Shaw tinctures and gummies is profound, the health benefits from CBD that these products offer makes them much worth to purchase. Most customers who have previously used Cheyann Shaw tinctures and gummies report a substantial improvement in their health and highly vouch for the products. With this, the high quality and fair prices Cheyann Shaw products, we confidently recommend Cheyann Shaw tinctures and gummies to anyone in need of a natural remedy to their health condition.

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