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Root Origins: Full Spectrum Day And Night Hemp CBD Oil Sprays, Water And Pain Balm

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Root Origins

Root Origins is a company that develops supplements and other hemp-derived remedies out of Carlsbad, California. The remedies cover a wide range of benefits, from eliminating inflammation to soothing joint pain and more.

What Is Root Origins?

CBD companies are popping up quickly, with each one finding ways to help consumers to get their desired benefits. CBD itself is derived from hemp extract. However, the amount of the plant used in these concoctions makes a big difference in the way that they work in the body. Root Origins, for example, takes on full-spectrum CBD to do the work.

Based in California, Root Origins uses “nanotechnology and water solubility” to ensure that their extract has the highest quality and effectiveness. Their array of products covers more than just one or two of the benefits that CBD is theorized to have. Instead, it also provides support for joint pain, muscle soreness, inflammation, anxiety, sleeping issues, and other issues.

Root Origins compares their priorities with that of their customers – “nurturing their bodies with only the purest organic foods, beverages, and supplements.” Hemp comes with multiple health benefits, and the products from Root Origins centers on that.

Root Origins Products

Despite the company’s enthusiasm over the multiple remedies available, there are actually only four items offered right now. Read on below to learn about each one.

Day Spray

With the Day Spray, consumers are able to get 1mg of CBD with each spray. The peppermint-flavored liquid allows for a 30-day supply of the treatment, assuming that the user sticks with the recommendation of 1 to 2 sprays per dose. There is no THC found in this spray or any of the others. Consumers are able to get the general benefits that CBD affords with this remedy, but without drowsiness.

The Day Spray is available for $27.99.

Night Spray

By using the Night Spray, consumers get all the typical benefits that CBD affords, but with the addition of sleep support. This formula contains melatonin, GABA, and valerian root, which are all typical ingredients of a natural sleep aid. The formula allows the user to dose themselves with 1mg of CBD for each spray, and the website recommends using 1 to 2 sprays per dose. Consumers should expect to feel drowsy fairly quickly with the use of the remedy, which contains no THC and is also available in a peppermint flavor.

The Night Spray is available for $29.99.

CBD Water

The CBD Water helps consumers to hydrate themselves, while affording the benefit of CBD to take place. The orange-mango flavor comes filled with electrolytes, and it is easily to absorb the benefits and the hydration. The bottle contains 8 million nanograms of CBD and has enough water for four servings. This remedy appears to be for consumers that want to have a fruitier flavor with their consumption, while drinking the CBD-based remedy over time, instead of the instant reaction.

The CBD Water is available for $7.99. However, it is presently out of stock.

Pain Balm

On the description for the Pain Balm from Root Origins, there seems to be the least amount of detail. CBD is often made into this type of topical treatment as a way to nourish the skin and absorb through to the bloodstream. From there, the user gets the inflammation support and the pain relief that CBD can afford the joints and muscles.

However, none of these details are available on the website. At best, the only information that consumers are provided with is that the whole jar contains 150mg of CBD. The actual dose given to the user will largely depend on how much of the remedy is applied. There is no detail about how long the effects should last.

The Pain Balm is available for $24.99.

Contacting Root Origins

With the innovations available from Root Origins, consumers may want to learn more information before adding it into their routine. The customer service team provides a form to fill out to learn more details.

For a more direct route, the customer can email or call the company.

Root Origins Summary

Root Origins has a small product line, but the ability to have a spray to deliver the CBD is a helpful way to get results without disrupting the day. The use of full-spectrum CBD is the optimal source for this extract, but the lack of detail surrounding the duration of the effects and other important factors could make it hard to determine if these are the right treatments for the user.

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