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Liposomal CBD Hemp Oil: Effective Cannabidiol Liposomes for Bioavailable Delivery?

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Liposomal CBD Hemp Oil

Right now CBD and liposomes are gaining traction in the cannabis industry. However, not many people are aware of just how liposomes offer a better therapeutic potential to the CBD oil. So, let’s start by exploring what liposomes are and how exactly they will revolutionize the CBD industry.

Liposomes are tiny liquid spheres made from one or more phospholipid bilayers. The phospholipids have a hydrophilic head which can safely carry ingredients through the gastrointestinal tract into the areas where they are needed.

What is Liposomal CBD?

Now, Liposomal CBD, a leading hemp-based company is providing a range of dietary supplements formulated to ensure the consumers get the essential healthful benefits. The company further employs a liposomal delivery system that uniquely delivers a significant increase in the CBD oil’s absorption level. The science behind this is that liposomes will help improve the bioavailability of the CBD oil nutrients by protecting the drug contents throughout the gastrointestinal tract. Resultantly, the blend becomes one of the most bioavailable CBD oil products available.

What’s on Sale?

Liposomal CBD hopes to achieve its goal with its range of sophisticated liposomal CBD products that are different only in regards to contents. In doing so, Liposomal provide

  • Colorado Hemp Oil 30ml: This blend of liposomes and CBD oil is available for $50.00 and with a 1 FL oz. (30ml) packaging. Furthermore, the dropper content is listed as Nanoemulsified to mean the team seeks to get the highest quality of hemp strains through super-critical processes. For precise dosing and quick after-effects, the Liposomal Colorado Hemp oil 30ml offers the perfect fit for any beginner.
  • Colorado Hemp oil 50ml: Similarly to its lesser counterpart, the Colorado Hemp Oil 50 ml also delivers a nanoemulsified blend to outpace other tinctures in the market. Besides, you also get stronger, faster and effective product utilizing groundbreaking technology for precise dosing and delivery. You can get this blend for $78.50 online, at your local dispensary or retailer.

Why the Use of Liposomes

An excellent consideration of using liposomes would be the proven capability to improve the bioavailability of the nutrients present in the CBD oil. Scientific studies indicate that the element ensures a controllable release, meaning any loaded drugs within it are only released at the right time and place within the body. That is a significant gain, especially for CBD oil supplements since it will significantly reduce the time needed for administration of the product. Also, the liposome addon would help avoid toxicity to other organs potentially exposed to the CBD oil.

Also, researchers assert the uniqueness of liposomes to adhere to the biomembrane structures to increase the solubility of any drug. Such a capability means liposomes are also quite useful in ensuring that poorly soluble nutrients and substances. The liposomes combined with the CBD oil will encapsulate all ingredients, even the non-soluble ones, and facilitate the absorption of these substances within the target tissues.

And since the liposomes are supporting the CBD in determining its delivery, we also note that there is a significant accumulation of the CBD component in the body. With the increase in bioavailability, there is a substantial deposit of CBD oil in a much efficient process. Therefore, health benefits present in CBD oil may manifest in the consumers. These benefits include

  • Reduced anti-inflammation and chronic pain
  • Better sleep pattern
  • Sharpen brain function
  • Hydrate and protect the skin and hair
  • Improve the body’s immune system

Overall, we can conclude that the liposomes are more of a ‘vehicle’ that deliver the CBD oil elements to the necessary body parts but at a high penetrative power compared to the traditional delivery forms.

Does Liposomal Pack the Winning Combination?

Like we’ve mentioned, liposomes are exponentially growing in popularity as highly effective delivery systems for the CBD oil. Liposomal CBD Hemp oil is, therefore, a pioneer product that ensures all your CBD components are efficient and useful to the desired body areas.

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