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Prosper Wellness CBD Extract: CBD Oils, Pills And Cannabidiol Pain Freeze Cream

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Prosper Wellness CBD Extract

Fed up with having to deal with joint immobility? Find it troublesome to remain active and focused? While these concerns may appear to be light at first, failure to resolving them will only make it worse – both physically and mentally. In general, for both concerns mentioned above, two different solutions are typically recommended, but it doesn’t have to be this way thanks to cannabidiol (CBD).

CBD is a type of compound found within the cannabis sativa plant. It amounts to approximately 40 percent of the entire plant, making it the selected compound among others like cannabinol (CBN), Cannabigerol (CBG) and Cannabichromene (CBC) to name the least.

Although studies relating CBD consumption and one’s health benefits are limited, existing findings have all concluded that its interaction with the human endocannabinoid system (ECS) has the potential to bring relief. This is where Prosper Wellness makes a grand entrance.

Prosper Wellness is one of several CBD brands that exist today. The purpose of this review is to understand how Prosper Wellness contributes to both the CBD industry and consumers in a positive light. A main factor indicative of said firm’s quality is the products offered, but first, let’s take a look at the brand itself.

What Is Prosper Wellness?

Prosper Wellness is a brand that appears to offer CBD-infused products that ultimately serve as the backbone to ridding pain, restlessness and anxiety. In addition to the different mediums of delivery they’ve attained, Prosper Wellness seems to be in support of educating consumers on CBD and its benefits beforehand, as they’ve since made several blog posts and a handy book available. To see how their yearn to educate and offer quality essentials have been attained, let’s take a closer look at Prosper Wellness’ product line.

Prosper Wellness CBD Extract Products

For the time being, Prosper Wellness offers CBD-infused Capsules, Pain Freeze Cream and Flavored Oil.


As per the claims made, each capsule contains 10mg of hemp-derived CBD, with each purchase amounting to 30 servings. 10mg is a standard strength and can also be considered a safer dosage for those who wish to test smaller amounts prior to increasing it. Capsules are generally preferred by those who are looking for a convenient and tasteless way to ingest CBD, as its taste profile has been frowned upon by many.

Peppermint-Flavored Oil

The Peppermint-Flavored Oil is a tincture, a solution in which the hemp plant is soaked in an alcoholic base for extended periods of time. A 0.6ml serving carries as much as 6mg of phytocannabinoid hemp oil, which again is decent. Tinctures are said to be slightly more bearable compared to oils because they can be easily added to food and water, whereas oils are most effective when administered underneath the tongue.

Pain Freeze Cream

Finally, Prosper Wellness’ topical solution called the Pain Freeze Cream, contains 150mg of CBD per 30ml container. Some of the additional ingredients included in this topical are aloe vera, peppermint oil, green tea extra, willow bark extract and vitamin E.

A point worth mentioning here is the additional ingredients, as they not only contribute towards relieving pain, but are also known to upkeep one’s skin health. For instance, peppermint oil is widely known for its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that rid pain, inflammation and muscle cramps. Then we have aloe vera, which is widely known for maintaining moisture in the skin, while tending to muscle and joint pain. The same properties apply to the other ingredients as well – making them serve dual purposes.

Prosper Wellness CBD Extract Conclusion

Overall, Prosper Wellness seems to keep things short and simple, that is, without placing too much emphasis on their role, and directly diving into the solutions offered. Although their CBD line is fairly infant, Prosper Wellness is one of the fewest brands that offers essential details like type of CBD, mg of CBD per serving, etc. Additionally, they don’t stop at simply making claims, as they’ve also provided evidence in the form of lab test results to back them up.

By analyzing the lab results of the three products, it is evident that they are all CBD-dominant, with very little traces of CBG and close to nothing of THC, a psychoactive property. The testing phases have been done via The Good Lab, a Colorado-based independent laboratory providing testing services for patients, consumers, health professionals, researchers and product manufacturers. The fact that they are Colorado-based is reassuring, as the US state is known for its stern guidelines on CBD production and sales.

As for its overall affordability, the average price for a bottle of capsules and tinctures appears to be $49.97 respectively followed by the Pain Freeze Cream’s $39.99 – hence making it fairly priced. For more on the different price breakdowns available, check out:

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