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Mountjoy Sparkling: CBD Infused Water Beverages For Healthy Cannabidiol Flavored Drinks

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Mountjoy Sparkling

When it comes to the consumption of cannabidiol, a key factor in experiencing relief is if it is administered consistently (at least the pain is resolved). For some, one serving avails, while others require several servings across a number of days to ensure complete rehabilitation. This ultimately means retorting to a CBD-infusion that we are all accustom to. Here’s the right time to introduce Mountjoy Sparkling.

Mountjoy Sparkling takes drinking water to a whole new level by adding CBD. Considering the fact that we as humans need to remain hydrated at all times, it only makes sense for it to serve as the optimal CBD-infusion. Most often, supplements in the form of oils are not as beneficial because part of the CBD content gets lost in the digestive system, which is not the case with water. The follow review will explore the story that Mountjoy Sparkling has been founded on along with different flavors of CBD water offered.

About Mountjoy Sparkling

Originally based in Sonoma County, Mountjoy Sparkling focused on the founder, Alex Mountjoy’s family “demands” for sparkling water. Eventually, the rise in CBD health benefits and the need for sparkling water were combined to offer consumers the benefits of remaining hydrated while providing a sense of healing and freshness to the mind and body.

Mountjoy Sparkling CBD Water Variety

Diversity is clearly the least of Mountjoy Sparkling’s concern as the firm offers a wide range of naturally-flavored sparkling water including Blackberry, Peach, Orange, Lemon Lime, and Unflavored.

As for the specs of each individual sparkling water, it is supposedly a zero-calorie drink that contains 10 mg of Organic CBD per bottle. To ensure that the CBD concentration is not compromised in any way, Mountjoy Sparkling claims to avoid the use of added sugars and preservatives and focuses only on full spectrum infusions.

Based on the claims made, each water has undertaken a process dubbed “nano infusion”, which ensures that the CBD content infused in the water makes it completely to the body for the added benefits.

Mountjoy Sparkling Final Thoughts

Overall, Mountjoy Sparkling’s line of CBD waters appear to be valuable considering the fact that they’ve completely cut down on sugar and carbohydrates, both of which are naturally found in most beverages and contribute to higher caloric intake. An additional factor that takes each Mountjoy Sparkling drink up a notch is the CBD infusion of 10mg, which is higher than the standard normal. Interestingly, full spectrum CBD is said to be used, which implies the possible use of terpenes (or a plant’s natural flavors) for the different flavors attained.

All this being said, CBD’s pain relief and calming effects can be helpful on a daily – whether it be to kickstart the day and to ease the body from an intense workout or simply to have a means that can enhance restfulness in consumers.

As for its overall affordability, consumers are given various bulk deals to take advantage of – with some containing all of the flavors in one purchase. Bearing this in mind, the price ranges anywhere between $30 and $100, which is reasonable considering the numerous health benefits that stem from one simple drink.

While the perks of CBD water are not unheard of, Mountjoy Sparkling seems to fall short on transparency, as details regarding the CBD extraction along with possible lab results are not immediately available. However, the fact that Mountjoy Sparkling started and continues to operate within California might be of comfort, as the US is widely known for imposing stern guidelines on hemp growth and the acceptable amount of THC in CBD products (i.e. 0.3%).

When in doubt, consumers should never fear to contact any given CBD brand, as it is their role to ensure that said consumers are well-informed on a potential buy. To get in touch with Mountjoy Sparkling and their products, check out:

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