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PharmaCBD: Hemp Renew CBD Cannabidiol Healing Cream, Edibles, GelCaps And Vape Cartridges





If you are looking for pain, inflammation, anxiety and chronic disease symptoms’ relief, CBD is an ideal option. Unlike pharmaceutical drugs, CBD products have no side effects and are a perfect supplement to the user’s health and nutrition. With the numerous CBD brands in the market though, knowing the best might be daunting. We have broken down the features of PharmaCBD to help you know if the brand is worth spending on.

About The PharmaCBD Brand

PharmaCBD claims that it strives to be the most customer-focused CBD provider in the market and is open to offering an accurate and balanced view of everything related to CBD supplements. This company has over 1000 CBD products to offer, and all are meant to give the maximum Cannabidiols healing benefits.

PharmaCBD produces its CBD in 4 distinctive steps. The first step is sketching and drawing, followed by the specialist process. Design and development follow, and creating an innovative product ends the process.

PharmaCBD boasts of remarkable attributes – even though this is expected from any producer in the industry. They claim that their seeds are sourced from fertile soils where suitable growing measures are applied. We currently cannot locate PharmaCBD’s certificates of analysis in order to determine their product’s safety. However, their website frequently shows the laboratory testing topic.

PharmaCBD Products

PharmaCBD products range from topical creams to CBD edibles, and pet treats. This company is the exclusive CBD boutique in the Tulsa area. Unlike many CBD providers, PharmaCBD has a team of specialists who help customers choose the products that work best for specific conditions.

Additionally, PharmaCBD mainly sells CBD products from 4 brands:

Chocolate Bliss Edible Buds

Made by Urdon CBD, Chocolate buds are a new line of CBD infused treats. These candies have all CBD’s benefits including offering relaxation, better sleep, stress & anxiety relief, and pain and inflammation reduction.

Xtreme GelCaps

Xtreme GelCaps/softgels give the user a pure form of CBD. They are absorbed into the body at a faster rate than capsules do, and are concentrated with high-quality CBD. Every serving of this product gives the user 50mg hemp CBD. Xtreme GelCaps’s health benefits include pain relief, mood enhancement, stress relief, anxiety relief, and reducing the symptoms of chronic conditions such as arthritis.

Hemp Renew Cream

Formulated with 750mg raw CBD hemp oil extract, Hemp Renew Cream is a meant for sore muscles and painful areas. All the product’s ingredients are natural. No prescription is required. You can apply it anytime you feel the need to.

Harmony Dry Herb CBD

This product is 10grams and has been infused with 100mg CBD oil extract. Harmony Dry Herb CBD is smokable and can be rolled using the user’s favorite vaporizer. It comes with a blueberry breeze flavor and has 100% natural dry herbs containing no THC.

CBD Cartridge Kiwi

Being a 1 ml CBD cartridge in Kiwi Strawberry, this product is imported from the United Kingdom. Each cartridge comes with 500mg of CBD and has no THC, meaning that the user is not bound to getting psychoactive effects.

Fur Babies Cat Treats

This pet treat is made for cats and dogs and has been formulated using natural hemp processed in the USA. A pet needs just one bite of this product. Fur Babies Cat Treats is a perfect solution for people who love traveling with their pets. Every pack has 30 biscuits, each with 10mg CBD extract.

Fur Babies Additive For Pets

Packed in a 30ml bottle, this product has 100mg CBD extract and can be added to a pet’s food or drinks. This formula is tasteless and advertised to be made with high-quality CBD.

PharmaCBD Final Verdict

While PharmaCBD’s lack of certificates of analysis is an issue that needs to be attended to immediately, we cannot ignore the passion that PharmaCBD demonstrated for CBD. Hand-selected seeds and flowers grown and processed in standard facilities allow us to trust in PharmaCBD products.

Other than their displayed products for sale, PharmaCBD is undeniably committed to educating the public on the healing benefits of CBD, and you will find on its website a lot of content regarding hemp CBD. This is proof of the company’s dedication to making the public aware of natural health remedies – a rare thing for CBD companies to do. We hence feel that PharmaCBD is a brand you can trust.

Denis is one of the most experienced researchers for reviews we have with years of experience in writing about CBD products. He will be one of the most viewed authors due to his own thrill in sharing what he is learning about cannabidiol and supplement use. With a goal of providing clarity within the budding CBD oil industry, Denis will be spending much of the year going through a catalogue of cannabis oil companies in the near future.

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