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Palm Organix: Pharmaceutical-Grade CBD Oil Drops, Balms, Salves And Soft Gels

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Palm Organix

Cannabidiol (CBD) has been highly spoken of because it has been proven to ease several areas of health, some of which include anxiety and stress, chronic and acute pain, restlessness and insomnia. Why is this so? This is primarily due to the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS).

When consumers ingest plant-based cannabinoids, receptors within the ECS interact with the said plant’s properties to induce a bodily balance, which typically targets one’s emotional, physical, and immune health to name a fraction.

Having understood the potential CBD and related cannabinoids have on human health, Palm Organix claims to rid the existing misrepresentation of CBD, namely it serving as a “one-size-fits all” and to help educate consumers on every inch of detail. The purpose of this review is to explore the different facets of Palm Organix to assess its importance to its CBD industry.

What Is Palm Organix?

Palm Organix stemmed from the search for natural supplements that support wellness, while relieving emotional, mental and physical health. After coming across a rather unregulated sphere of CBD and the notion of cannabinoids being of help, further research supposedly led the founders nowhere, mainly because of CBD’s false representation.

The three key areas that Palm Organix prides itself for is, one, offering essentials that are free of THC, which accommodates to consumers personal and religious beliefs, two, ensuring tests have been conducted to rid solutions of possible metals and pesticides while being compliant by US laws, and three, working with CBD scientists to ensure the noted benefits are attained.

Let’s take a closer look at how the three key areas have been reproduced in Palm Organix’s products.

Palm Organix CBD-infused Products

Palm Organix has gone as far as offering full spectrum CBD-infused Salves and Balms, Softgels and Tinctures and Drops. Here’s a sample analysis of some of the essentials offered:

CBD Salve (500mg)

Palm Organix’s CBD Salve claims to contain full spectrum, pharmaceutical grade CBD in unison with essential oils like lavender and eucalyptus. Together, the trio is believed to induce relief from aches and pain. For optimal use, consumers are advised to apply small quantities on the affected region and rub thoroughly throughout the day. As for its current going price, consumers can expect to invest approximately $59.99.

CBD Softgel Sleep

The CBD Softgel Sleep, as obvious as this may seem, has been created to relieve insomnia and restlessness. What brings said results are claimed as being the combination of CBD and melatonin, a natural sleep-inducing hormone found in the body. Each dose contains as much as 25mg of CBD along with 1mg of melatonin. Consumers can expect to invest approximately $99.95 for a total of 30 softgels. While Sleep is an essential supplement to include in one’s daily lives, consumers can also choose others, including Pain and CBD Softgels containing either 10mg or 25mg.

CBD Tincture (250mg)

Palm Organix’s line of CBD Tinctures comes in three strengths (i.e. 250, 500 and 1000mg) and two flavors, Mint and Orange. The Mint CBD Tincture is believed to promote full-body healing, as its rich source of anti-inflammatory properties is trusted to relieve stress, anxiety or depression.

Bear in mind, the 250mg strength is suggested for those beginning to explore the likes of CBD, whereas concentrations at the higher end are typically maximized by experienced CBD administrators. As for its uses, tinctures are popularly consumed underneath the tongue or are combined in one’s food or drink. Finally, consumers can expect to invest about $34.95, which is fair given its quality.

Why Choose Palm Organix?

Clearly, Palm Organix’s original frustration in seeing one-size-fits-all solution appears to have been resolved via their line of essentials as consumers of all experience levels have an appropriate CBD solution available.

A major factor that boosts consumer confidence in relation to a brand is the latter’s willingness to be fully transparent. This is the least of Palm Organix’s worries, as the firm has since uploaded lab results of each product offered. Of all the brands who provide said results, that of Palm Organix’s seems the most complete, as it breaks down the different cannabinoids present, along with the tests done in regard to terpenes profile, and possible presence of residuals and heavy metals.

Adding to how transparent Palm Organix truly is, they have since shared the source of CBD used, which abides by US laws, primarily the Farm Bill. This is reassuring considering the fact that the CBD market is still relatively underdevelopment.

Captivatingly, Palm Organix’s mission in informing and educating consumers has also been well reflected in each product description. In particular, the firm has compared itself to the standard normal expected of the CBD market and in turn has explained their stance.

An example of this is the CBD Softgels Sleep, where Palm Organix shared that its solution’s droplets as being 25 nanometers in size compared to the market’s 100-5000 nanometers in size. Most firms do not necessarily admit that their products are lower in anything, however, Palm Organix went on to argue that it was due to appropriate and consistent dosing, which consumers would have never guessed unless they were informed.

Finally, Palm Organix offers opportunities for partnerships for both individuals and businesses, where the latter has the ability to make an earning from promoting Palm Organix’s goods along with wholesale deals respectively.

With everything combined, it is clear that Palm Organix plays a positive and significant role within the CBD industry and is an ideal option for consumers to deliberate on. For more information on what to expect of Palm Organix, go to:

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