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Marijuana Investment Symposium: Matt Badiali’s Real Wealth Strategist for Cannabis Stocks?




Marijuana Investment Symposium: Matt Badiali's Real Wealth Strategist for Cannabis Stocks

There is no doubt about it; marijuana is gaining favor across the board. Before too long, every state, from California to New York, will legalize marijuana. The health benefits are starting to trickle in as new tests are conducted every single day.

Right now, there is an unprecedented opportunity for you to earn money investing in marijuana stocks. But you have to hurry and get in on the action before marijuana goes mainstream. With nearly 92% of Americans demanding this remarkable plant to be legalized, it is no longer a matter of if, but when. And if you act now, you could turn $50 into $2,000 or more as the marijuana stocks skyrocket to over 4,067%.

Want to know which stocks to get in order to be ahead of the game? Look no further than Real Wealth Strategist. Real Wealth Strategist will show you not only which marijuana stocks to claim but also let you in on a Canadian mining company that is sitting on a copper and gold deposit. You will also get insider information on which metals will show 3,000% gains in the coming months. Are you ready to sign up yet?

The Company: Real Wealth Strategist

Real Wealth Strategist is a newsletter that is brought to you by Banyan Hill Publishing. Banyan Hill Publishing is a financial advisor company that educates people on different stocks and investments to secure their financial futures.

Leading the charge for Real Wealth Strategist newsletter is Matt Badiali. According to Banyan Hill Publishing, Mr. Badiali is a world traveler. He likes to see his investments before signing on the dotted line. Prior to becoming a part of Banyan Hill Publishing team, Mr. Badiali was a geologist for a drilling company. Today, he utilizes his knowledge in geological studies and fuses that information with smart investment strategies.

About The Product

The Real Wealth Strategist is your ticket to investing wisely. The newsletter is more than just a bunch of charts, and stocks. You will get insider information and logical assessments on why you should invest in the companies listed.

When you sign up to a premium subscription of Real Wealth Strategist for $79, you get also get several free reports. These reports include information on the marijuana stocks, the mining companies as well as metal and mineral companies to keep an eye on. Plus, you will get The Bauman Letter that offers advice on how to protect your wealth.

But, Real Wealth Strategist also offers you access to their model portfolio, a beginner’s guide for those new to investing, plus weekly updates. You will also get the added benefit of urgent trade alerts sent via text or email, in addition to private briefings that happen once a month. You are also given the opportunity to sit in on weekly podcasts.

Of course there is the option of the Deluxe subscription that is $129. But you will only get the free reports without the bonus content like the podcasts or text alerts. The Deluxe does offer Real Wealth Strategist in digital and print form. The last subscription option is the Standard package for $47 which is the free reports and newsletter in digital form only.

It is important to note that regular membership to Real Wealth Strategist is $97 for the year and The Bauman Letter is $79 a year. Due to this offer signing you up for both, you will have to remember to cancel both products if you no longer want them. Also remember that the service is set to automatically renew.

If for whatever reason you are not completely satisfied, there is the guarantee of a refund if you contact Banyan Hill Publishing within the first year of your service.

Is There A Business Opportunity?

There is no mention of an affiliate program for Banyan Hill Publishing. Although, if you should invest your money remember there is the possibility to make a return on that investment. However, you should treat their financial advice as such and never invest with money you can’t afford to lose.

Real Wealth Strategist Verdict

Banyan Hill Publishing has been around for a while. When you look online, you will find both good reviews and bad reviews. The fact is though, Banyan Hill Publishing financial advice should be seen as that and nothing more. Sometimes they will offer you stocks that skyrocket and sometimes their picks will be lemons.

The point is, before you invest your hard earned money, you should do your own research about the stock Banyan Hill Publishing suggests. You could go as far as speaking with your personal financial advisor before making any major decision.

As far as the Real Wealth Strategist newsletter is concerned, you may find good tips for investing. The fact that the company offers a 100% refund if you are unsatisfied makes it easy to see what they have to say.

Catherine is one of our most respected contributors and active providers of cannabis-related guides and insights here at COR. She is very well educated with a Bachelors from Smith College, Master’s Degree from the University of Arizona, Certificate in Computer Programming College of Saint Rose and was a writing teacher at the University of Illinois. Her writing has been featured in many major publications and has full intentions of being a transparent and authentic leader for all CBD and hemp oil articles.

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