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Green Leaf Fortune: Legit Program To Profit From Cannabis Legalization?

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Green Leaf Fortune

Ever wonder how contract for differences (CFD) work? Not sure what the difference between CFD and stocks are? As defined by Investopedia, a contract for differences serves as a futures contract between a buyer and seller in which the difference (loss or gain) is paid in cash. What makes CFDs a preferable investment is the high leverage associated, which ranges between 2 and 20%. Since investors do not own the securities themselves, additional fees are not required as well.

All this being said, in recent times CFDs have been promoted in relation to the cannabis industry. As we’ve all seen, US states and other parts of the world have been actively assessing the potential cannabis has on one’s health. Since it is a relatively new market with a lot of room for growth, investing in said market might be a great move, however, not all CFDs are created equally.

The following review will look at Green Leaf Fortune, a platform that claims to help investors “become rich” in a short time span. The purpose is to see whether the advertised CFD is at all worth it.

What Is Green Leaf Fortune?

Green Leaf Fortune claims to help investors make significant amounts of money through the aforementioned tool called CFD. Their main focus is to introduce investors to the cannabis market – in which gains can be made because of its infancy stages and popularity.

What Is flawed About Green Leaf Fortune?

Upon visiting the official website, one might assume that Green Leaf Fortune specializes in the financial sector, especially bearing in mind the level of knowledge they appear to have in CFDs and stocks. However, this is not the case.

As seen at the very bottom of the page, Green Leaf Fortune, “is a technology, marketing and advertising service. Green Leaf Fortune is not a financial services firm and does not operate as a financial services firm.” This is concerning, as it is not clear what type of CFD trading is taking place or whom is namely in charge.

Next, regardless of the investment strategy in place, professionalism always holds. Therefore, evidence shown under “Social Proof,” is a clear indicator of a money-grabbing scheme because follow-ups are usually done via e-mail or phone call, and not necessarily via text messages.

When considering the overall affordability of this service, there appears to be no details or options present. Investors are simply requested to create and finalize their account and start investing. Normally, such services do not come free, hence, the fact that no information whatsoever has been provided makes Green Leaf Fortune all the more concerning.

As much as legalization of marijuana is important, the fact that Green Leaf Fortune failed to provide evidence of cannabis firms growing makes it doubtful altogether because investing requires a lot of research and isn’t something that is done simply by word of mouth.

Green Leaf Fortune Final Thoughts

Based on the analysis above, it is clear that Green Leaf Fortune is not a credible source for CFD investing. The lack of sound evidence, and complete information – whether it be price, investment or contact wise – makes it appear as a potential scheme that may result in losses. Also, Green Leaf Fortune serving as simply an “advertiser” makes the entire endeavor quite questionable – possibly one where money should not be invested!

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