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LoveBootch Kombucha: Organic Small Batch Crafted CBD-Infused Health Drinks

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LoveBootch Kombucha

Have you come across, Kombucha – a drink that has been deemed a healthier alternative to most sugar-filled ice teas and sodas as a whole? If so, did you know it contains a significant amount of vitamins B and bacteria?

Kombucha is a fermented beverage that has been formed through the combination of bacteria and yeast called SCOBY, some tea (i.e. black or green) and sugar. Said combination is what gives Kombucha its rather bubbly effect and has since been thought of as being beneficial for one’s immune and digestive functions.

Interestingly, a brand devoted to brewing Kombucha has recently kicked it up a notch with a cannabidiol (CBD)-infused version – a step very few brands to date have attained and this is none other than LoveBootch Kombucha.

The following review will analyze LoveBootch Kombucha in relation to its existent along with the different products it currently delivers.

What Is LoveBootch Kombucha?

LoveBootch Kombucha is a Wisconsin-based, small batch Kombucha brewer devoted to sticking to the basics when it comes to the taste and quality of Kombucha. Each drink has supposedly been crafted with diverse teas. An example of this is their use of Urbal Tea, which is a locally-found business that combines various loose teas together for the ultimate natural remedy.

As for the introduction of CBD, owner of LoveBootch Kombucha, Jessica Peterburs had started experimenting with CBD-infused Kombucha with the help of the House of Nutrition and that decision led her to take LoveBootch Kombucha to several retail shelves!

Moreover, she trusts that LoveBootch Kombucha is surely to help further diversify the CBD industry considering the limited varieties present in its line of beverages. Not to mention the fact that many consumers prefer an infusion that is tasteful because of CBD’s natural, grassy flavor profile.

LoveBootch Kombucha Products

LoveBootch is currently popular for their LoveBootch Kombucha XO, which comes in unique flavors and also comes in either CBD-infusion or regular versions. As per the claims made, each drink contains full spectrum CBD from Hemp Rescue, a brand devoted to making full range of CBD products to contribute towards the betterment of consumers’ health.

LoveBootch Kombucha appears to come in one full spectrum CBD strength and that is Hemp Rescue’s 250mg. Ideally, the drinks have been infused in such a way that promotes general wellness and has since been deemed ideal for children and small pets as well. This quantity has also been considered as a tester for consumers new to the idea of ingesting CBD.

As for some of the flavors that has been talked about, they include the Elderberry, Blueberry and Spearmint along with others including the Honey & Bee Pollen, Jasmine Rosehip, and Sweet Greens.

What makes these flavors unique – besides the fact that they are derived from unique teas – is that each contains different health benefits. For instance, if consumers are looking to boost their immune system, then LoveBootch for the most part is ideal considering additional ingredients like ginger are found in most drinks.

Other products consumers can expect from LoveBootch Kombucha include Kombucha On Tap, WI Apple Vinegar with Honey & Lemon Tea, La Diablita Vinegar, and Keg services and rental.

Is LoveBootch Kombucha Perceived As Having Value?

Several factors make LoveBootch Kombucha a potential candidate in being preferred among consumers. First, their decision to go with Hemp Rescue is praiseworthy, as the latter has been known for its lengthy and careful hemp growth and extraction processes for ultimate quality.

Second, their alliance with House of Nutrition brings reliability to the brand, as the latter has been popularly known for offering, “a complete online vitamin and supplement source,” with a keen lookout for honesty in the chosen products. The first two factors is enough to conclude that Peterburs is not only working in succeeding herself, but also in ensuring that local Wisconsin businesses also flourish, which is definitely a rare and noteworthy event.

Lastly, LoveBootch Kombucha has been actively offering demos and workshops on how to brew Kombucha. The most recent one that is to take place on Saturday, January 26, will be held at the Orpheum Theater, Downtown Kenosha WI. This is the ideal event in which consumers can ask all sorts of questions on brewing and can actually take part in the brewing process upon purchasing a Brew kit. The informative demo session will take place between 11:30 and 1pm.

The fact that LoveBootch Kombucha is participating in said info sessions is praiseworthy, as it shows Peterburs interest to help educate locals on not only the creating process of Kombucha, but also understanding its health benefits. This also shows her commitment in being fully transparent with consumers, which should always be the case. To learn more about LoveBootch Kombucha and the different price ranges one can choose from, check out:

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