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Kamala’s Nectar: Full Spectrum Hemp Bath Bombs, Edibles and Topicals Products

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kamala's nectar

Kamala’s Nectar contains a full range spectrum, holistic hemp products designed at improving your quality of life. These products were aimed to help the founder of the company, Stacy Kamala Waltman, in dealing with PTSD, trauma and grief after losing her only child. She decided to use CBD oil as a way of healing, and it was so effective that she launched her customized store and holistic products. Discover more information about Kamala’s Nectar in the following review.

The Story Behind the Products

The potent and highly addictive medication that was prescribed to Kamala for her depression led to her creating the fantastic Letting Go Bliss Bath Bomb. The initial batches used a mixture of fresh organic flowers, essential oils as well as the best CBD product. During that long healing journey, she decided to launch the Lover Your Self Bliss Bath Bomb.

These two products continue to receive very positive customer testimonials based on their effectiveness. Kamala’s Nectar products have proven to be effective in providing relief from PMS, anxiety, migraines, depression, traumatic grief and even Crohn’s disease. If you have been struggling to meditate and achieve an elevated spiritual experience, then you should consider trying out these products. Besides the beneficial Bliss Bath Bombs, the Kamala’s Nectar store now comprises of additional CBD products designed to assist people in managing pain and increase their quality of life.

Solving the Issue of Pain

Today’s world is filled with lots of pain, discomfort and suffering. Too many people are now switching to various opioids, OTC and hypnotics for pain management, stress relief and solving sleep deprivation. Even though these chemicals can mask the condition or pain, they do not assist the body in rectifying the issues. Rather, these drugs have some addictive features and adverse effects.

The Solution: Kamala’s Nectar CBD Products

CBD has been shown to help the body by tackling an extensive list of conditions and symptoms. CBD regulates mood, sleep, appetite, cognitive function and immunity among others, which allows you to live a healthy life. Kamala’s Nectar products contain high amounts of high-quality CBD content, organic, vegan and lab tested ingredients. It is the perfect alternative to using opioids to manage pain.

Main Features of Kamala’s Nectar Products

Kamala’s Nectar includes holistic, pesticide-free and microencapsulated hemp CBD products for offering effective pain relief, relaxing and rejuvenating the body. The products also contain the purest essential oils available on the market. Furthermore, the flower petals used in Kamala’s Nectar products are organically grown in the founder’s garden. The result is that Kamala’s Nectar contains high-quality and clean products since the packaging is also designed and manufactured right in Oregon.

The hemp used to make all of these products is also grown and processed locally, which makes it up to eight times much more effective compared to conventional hemp. The fact that it is microencapsulated makes it quickly water-soluble, thus allowing fast absorption through the skin.


Kamala’s Nectar was founded with an outstanding goal of alleviating the discomforts of life, whether it is pain or conditions like depression and anxiety. This store contains a range of highly beneficial CBD products that are grown and processed in Oregon, America to the cleanest and high-quality level.

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