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Looking to see which cannabidiol (CBD) brands to go with? Not sure what factors to consider prior to selecting? For the most part, consumers have been advised to assess a brand by its mission, level of transparency, and options. This, however, is a general case and can be extended to house factors according to one’s personal needs and beliefs. Now appears to be the right time to introduce a CBD brand that has been delivering its essentials on a global scale, and it is none other than Hemp Activate.

The following review will look closely at the factors that make Hemp Activate what it is today. In doing so, consumers should have an idea as to what to generally expect from CBD brands and what to be watchful of.

What is Hemp Activate?

Hemp Activate claims to specialize within the field of hemp-derived CBD and their ability to create unique and effective infusions. Their main goal is to ensure that consumers are educated on the vast cannabinoids that exist today along with their potential benefits. Given their keen interest in health, their processes are deemed environmental-friendly to prevent any form of damage whatsoever.

Interestingly, the CEO of Hemp Activate, Steven Harrison has acquired 15 years of experience within this respective field and has been working towards eliminating the negative outlook cannabis has attained over the course of time ever since. This, according to Harrison, cannot be attained without the necessary interactions, education and honesty in products delivered.

How have these areas been reflected in Hemp Activate’s products? We won’t know until we assess them, let’s take a closer look!

Are Hemp Activate’s Products Reflective of its Core Values?

Prior to assessing whether or not the products delivered are reflective of Hemp Activate on a whole, it is important to explore the said products offered. Here’s a brief look at what can be expected of Hemp Activate:

Absorb (10ml)

Absorb is a full spectrum CBD oil that claims to transfer CBD into the bloodstream in the most effective way possible. It contains 500mg of CBD within a 10ml solution and also carries other cannabinoids and terpenes for optimal therapeutic effects. Absorb is deemed most appropriate for overall wellness and can be consumed three times daily.

Develop (30ml)

Develop is supposedly a pure Isolate oil which follows that of UK laws. It has been reasoned as being ideal for first-time CBD users, as consumers get 1200mg of pure CBD for a total of 30ml, i.e. 40mg/ml. Some of its benefits include increasing focus and potentially ridding one of insomnia.

Relief (30ml)

Unlike the prior two, Relief appears to come in a yellow-ish powder. It claims to contain a rich source of anti-inflammatory properties because of the presence of CBD and curcumin. Curcumin is a compound housed within an Indian spice called turmeric. Because both ingredients have anti-inflammatory properties, consumers can use it to relieve any type of bodily aches and pain. As for its strength, it contains 300mg of CBD, which is equivalent to 10mg/ml.

Repair (10ml)

Repair has been created with the intentions of regulating the immune system. It claims to contain 800mg of CBD and has been infused with MCT oil for optimal bodily absorption. Not obvious in first glance, but it seems like Repair is comes in liquid form, as consumers are suggested to ingest it underneath the tongue.

Stimulate (5ml)

Stimulate offers consumers full spectrum solution in the form of a syringe. The contents of the syringe are said to be in the form of a paste that can either be incorporated in one’s food or ingested via the tongue.

Total (10ml or 20ml)

Total claims to induce energy levels in consumers, while helping the endocannabinoid system achieve a balanced state. For optimal ingestion, consumers can either take it with their water, tea or straight via the mouth. As the name implies, Total houses all the properties found via the five aforementioned products, i.e. curcumin, terpenes, and full spectrum hemp oil.

Based on the analysis above, it is clear that the products offered are reflective of Hemp Activate. In particular, the different solutions derived using both pure CBD and full spectrum hemp oil goes to show the diverse benefits cannabinoids can bring to consumers. Also, many additional ingredients – most containing similar properties to CBD and other cannabinoids – have been included to further strengthen the potency of the solution in place.

Unlike most brands, Hemp Activate has detailed labels, which contain the properties of each content, along with suggested uses, contact information and expiry date. The latter two reveal Hemp Activate’s ongoing mission to maximize on consumer health given one requires information clarification and makes use of the products before its benefits decay respectively.

Final Thoughts

After exploring the different products offered, more about Hemp Activate can be deciphered. For instance, they abide by UK CBD laws, which suggest CBD uses for medicinal purposes as legal with stern restrictions. In particular, the accepted THC content in the UK is under 0.2%, which confirms Hemp Activate essentials as being non-psychoactive.

Another facet that makes Hemp Activate attractive is the different solutions provided, which include general and specifically-targeted health aspects. This in turn indicates their consideration of the different types of health concerns that consumers may be experiencing and hence the existence of dependency on speed of recovery.

While their thought process is something worth mentioning, additional measures in regard to proofs that support their claims have not been provided. This is troubling as Certificate of Analysis for instance, is a way to truly assess what goes into each product and at what ratios. However, given that Hemp Activate has directly specified the necessary contact information, it seems like consumers can get in touch if they choose to.

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