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Goldleaf The CBD Jotter For Cannabis Extracts & Edibles Wellness Logbook Journal




Goldleaf The CBD Jotter For Cannabis Extracts & Edibles Wellness Logbook Journal

About Goldleaf

Goldleaf is known for printing useful and thoughtful supplies for Cannabis users. The motivation of Goldleaf is a from the idea of empowering enthusiasts and patients by giving them useful educational material. It puts focus on science-forward content and clean design that makes every item approachable, unique, and informative. Goldleaf inspires connoisseurs and patients to have more details and meaningful relationship with cannabis.

Goldleaf was born in Cincinnati, Ohio in the year 2016. Today, their educational prints and acclaimed journals are extensively used in the cannabis industry. These works have been featured an array of cannabis-specific and mainstream publications.

Top 6 Goldleaf Cannabis Supplies

The Patient Journal

Selling at $17.99, The Patient Journal by Goldleaf is a notebook meant for cannabis patients. Goldleaf developed this notebook alongside qualified medical professionals with the aim of empowering patients by giving them tools that chart the key factors in their therapy accurately. A patient can use the guidelines here to adjust his or her own regime or share the information with a caregiver. This journal eases the anxiety of people who are new to cannabis and gives long-term users the extra information they need.

The Grow Planter

The Grow Planter by Goldleaf goes for $17.99 and is a periodic journal for cannabis farmers. This is ideal for home cultivation, or people who would love to plan their garden, have a feeding schedule, and rotation in an easy way. The journal gives insights on tracking progress on a weekly basis and makes growers learn from their past grows, successes, and failures.

The Cannabis Taster

Retailing at $14.99, this single journal is meant for recreational purposes and is good for a cannabis adventurer. This notebook has guided entry pages as well as graphics that are well designed to enable the cannabis adventurer document all experiences, flavors, and effects of cannabis. It is good for an enthusiast who intends to track strains or cultivars, as well as the products he or she has tried before.

The Lab Pen

The Goldleaf Lab Pen currently costs $17.99 and is a professional writing device made of brass. This product has a design that makes it feel substantial in the user’s hand and can perform on any surface. Not only does this pen have a minimalist design, but also has a utilitarian design that works perfectly with the user’s journal. The body and cap are both brass and have a matched threading to make the cap screw on and off easily, thus enabling access to its ink cartridge.

Chart Of Cannabinoids Print

This product goes for $29.99, and comes in a size of 18×24”. This print is used to illustrate cannabinoids in the cannabis plants. It shows their relationship with each other, proven medical benefits of each, and activation temperatures.

Terpenes Infographic Print

Selling at $29.99, Goldleaf Terpenes infographic print demonstrates values of the 11 primary terpenes in cannabis.It features a colorful graph depicting flavors of common terpenes as well as their accepted medical values. This is printed on an uncoated thick archival paper stock with a high press and hence has an impeccable resolution and color quality.

Goldleaf International Shipping

At the moment, Goldleaf ships its work directly through UPS, USPS, and DHL options for international buyers. The transit varies depending on the buyer’s postal system. The purchaser is responsible for any customs fees.

Goldleaf Final Thought

Goldleaf offers products that both cannabis connoisseurs and newbies can relate to. Compared to the benefits they offer, these supplies are fairly priced. If you would want to learn more about cannabis or make fun out of it, you then should try out Goldleaf products.

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