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Feel Good Edibles CBD Products: Cannabidiol Gummys, Candys And Lollys




Feel Good Edibles

CBD is an active cannabinoid that has over time been proven to have numerous health benefits. Some of these are offering inflammation, stress, pain, and anxiety relief. Although it is yet to be FDA-approved as a solution for prescribing, preventing, or healing diseases, CBD solves severe symptoms of chronic diseases such as arthritis, cancer, and heart problems.

With the rising popularity in the health benefits of CBD, there has been a great increase in CBD product demand, and a huge variety of CBD products in the market. You can find it daunting to choose the CBD brand or company to trust with your health. Relax as we got you covered! Here is an intensive review of Feel Good Edibles, one of the recognized brands in the market. We will highlight the company’s features, the products it offers, and their prices.

About Feel Good Edibles

Feel Good Edibles is based in the United States. It produces CBD products that are legal to use and own in the US. Their mission is bringing a touch of paradise and relaxation to their customer’s daily life with their sweet tasting and fun edibles. Feel Good Edibles CBD products are meant to support better emotions, fight stress, offer relaxation and joy without intoxicating the user’s body.

Feel Good Edibles Products

Feel Good Edibles has numerous products, but can all be classified into three categories. These are candies, lollipops, and gummies. Products in each category vary from each other due to flavorings and CBD oil amount.


Feel Good Candies are meant to give the user an effect of CBD per bite. Each package comes with three 10 mg candies. Feel Good Candies have no THC, which is the psychoactive compound of the hemp plant. This means that the candies will neither intoxicate you or make you fail a cannabis drug test. Made with natural flavoring, Feel safe candies give you a great way to relax as you enjoy CBD’s soothing effects. Candy options to choose from are raspberry candy, watermelon candy, apple candy, mango candy, and guava candy. All these go for $19.99.

Ingredients that make Feel Good Edibles candies are industrial hemp, corn sugar, natural coloring, and natural flavoring.


Feel Good Edibles sells lollipops containing 30mg CBD. Being that Lollipops can be taken anywhere by anyone anytime, these bring a convenience to people who need to take a CBD oil dose on the go. There are 5 lollipop options for you to choose from. These are Cherry Lolly, orange lolly, lemon lolly, blue apple lolly, and blue raz lolly. All these flavor options are sold at $9.99, and all play common roles. They have huge health benefits including mood enhancement, anxiety relief, and improved energy levels. The lollipops are sweet and are hence a fun way to intake hemp.

Ingredients making Feel Good Lollipops are industrial hemp, food coloring, natural flavor, or syrup, and sugar. Feel good lollipops are non-psychoactive as they do not have THC. This in short means that you cannot feel “high” or fail a cannabis drug test after using these lollipops.


Customers have five gummy options to choose from Feel Good Edibles. These are the bear gummy, watermelon gummy, peach gummy, soda gummy, and sour gummy. Each pack has 30 gummies and come with 150mg of CBD hemp oil extract, apart from the bear gummy which has 300mg CBD. As a result, the Bear Gummy costs more and sells at $29.99. Feel Good Edibles’ bear gummy is a good option for anyone in need of high concentration CBD hemp oil for more serious symptoms. All the other Feel Good Edibles cost $19.99. Like other Feel Good Edibles products, these gummies are non-psychoactive since they contain no THC. The ingredients of Feel Good gummies are industrial hemp, citric acid, gelatin, coconut oil, sugar, and natural coloring.

Drawbacks Of Feel Good Edibles Products

Feel Good Edibles candies and lollipops have corn syrup. Corn syrup adds unnatural fructose amounts to the diet and is easily converted into fat. Too much intake leads to weight gain, obesity, and diabetes risks.

Feel Good Edibles Final Verdict

Despite the corn syrup and lack of many past user reviews to support the effectiveness of Feel Good Edibles, we feel that all the reviewed products have good features. However, there is no indication of the company testing its products for potency or consistency. No details of product delivery are provided on their website, but they have an active customer support system that you can always contact to arrange purchasing and delivery.

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