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Eaze Wellness CBD: Home Cannabidiol Product Delivery for Drops, Sprays, Skin, Pets and Vaporizers

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The CBD marketplace has exponentially increased within a short time span of nearly 5 to 6 years since it first gained exposure. This implies the existence of multiple CBD infusions and even more brands that deliver their perspective on CBD via essentials. Now, how long do you think it’ll take to explore different brands? Definitely hours, if not days, as each brand reflects a purpose that is sure to stand out in comparison. In such cases, wouldn’t it be great to have a one-stop shopping place in which all possible CBD products are made available? This is where Eaze Wellness makes an appearance.

Eaze Wellness is working its way to becoming the leading database that houses different CBD brands and infusions to date that meet consumers’ satisfaction. To see how Eaze Wellness achieves this, the following review will expand on some of the facets that make it stand out altogether.

What is Eaze Wellness?

Eaze Wellness, as previously mentioned, is an online marketplace that houses different CBD brands offering unique CBD infusions. As per the claims made, a lot of thought process goes into ensuring that consumers have access to quality and safe products.

One factor that influences Eaze Wellness’ decision-making process includes, whether or not the brand at hand offers, “Certificates of Analysis” for each product, which simply implies that the necessary lab tests have been conducted to assess a solution’s overall quality. As for consumers, said information is accessible upon request.

Another factor that Eaze Wellness appears to focus on is whether or not said CBD products are created using industrial hemp. This is an important area to analyze considering that only industrial hemp is defined as containing less that 0.3% THC, a safe and acceptable amount of psychoactive properties.

As for the first step in partnering with Eaze Wellness, brands are required to fill out a simple application, which expounds on the brand itself, i.e. brand description, products offered and a brand’s reason to wanting to join Eaze Wellness.

What Types of CBD-infusions Does it Currently Carry?

Some of the types of CBD-infusions consumers can gain access to include drops, sprays, strips, tablets and capsules, face, skin, lip and body care, pets, vaporizers, bath basics, intimacy, waxes and accessories. Just by looking at the category of products offered alone, it is clear that Eaze Wellness has really considered a brand’s ability to bring diversity to the market.

Given the different brands that exist via Eaze Wellness, the following will look at some of the many brands to assess whether or not quality has been highlighted in all cases:

Ananda Hemp

Based in Kentucky, Ananda Hemp claims to use a homegrown approach to farming to ensure the entire growing process is spot on, clean and natural. Seeing it as a chosen brand doesn’t come of surprise, given its founder has contributed immensely in the legalization of hemp and the brand itself has been a first mover in relation to R&D on CBD uses. Most importantly, every essential offered comes with lab results, which contributes towards consumers’ confidence level.

Select CBD

Like Ananda Hemp, Select CBD is a brand that has gained positive feedback from consumers. They’ve since been recognized by players like Allure, Rolling Stones, Forbes an New York Times, all of which contribute towards its reliability. Select CBD is unique in the sense that each vape contains essential oils that not only please consumers but also help with their overall wellness.

Mary’s Nutritionals

Mary’s Nutritionals’ is a CBD line that brings science and nature together. In particular, they pride themselves for combining modern technology with natural components to ensure a quality and effective solution is derived. Their emphasis on quality has been reflected in the numerous steps before releasing a product, including CBD sourced from the US, and relying on lab tests for accuracy and consistency.

Based on the claims made, Mary’s Nutritionals is known worldwide for being a “trustworthy leader” in the CBD industry. An example of this is Mary’s Nutritionals award-winning Transdermal Patch, which has been proven to help relieve chronic pain.

The aforementioned three are just some examples of partnerships established with Eaze Wellness, as many others such as cbdMD, Cloverstrip, Shanti Wellness, Isodial, Plant People, Dr. Kerklaan, Kana Skincare, Bluebird Botanicals, Wildflower, Kush Queen, Cannuka, Lust Naked and CBDfx are also deemed the chosen ones.

Final Thoughts

Overall, it is clear that Eaze Wellness works in the interest of the consumers. As opposed to accepting just about any CBD brand that exists and in turn gaining profits from them, Eaze Wellness does look at each brand with respect to its purpose, the essentials offered, the perspective consumers hold (i.e. popularity and trustworthiness), and the different measures said brands had to undergo in order to safeguard quality products.

Given the infancy stage at which CBD current holds, certifying that a brand carries the necessary proof regarding the quality of hemp used is a crucial factor that determines whether or not consumers have gained the trust to do business with a brand. The fact that Eaze Wellness has also considered this aspect is clever, yet convincing that they specialize within the CBD industry with the right intentions.

As for shopping with Eaze Wellness, it can only be done online, and as per their official website, shipments may arrive anywhere between 4 to 6 business days nationwide. While this might not seem so significant at first, consumers should note that it is fairly short especially when most products reach consumers over two weeks later. This reflects Eaze Wellness’ knowledge on CBD, as particular infusions of CBD (i.e. vapes) are most beneficial when used right away.

To learn more on how to benefit from Eaze Wellness’ services, check out:

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