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Bluebird Botanicals

Bluebird Botanicals: Quality Hemp CBD Oil, Extracts, Isolates, Vape Oil and Pet Products

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Bluebird Botanicals

Bluebird Botanicals is a hemp product manufacturer specializing in extracts, concentrated extracts, isolates, vapes, capsules, and more. Find out everything you need to know about Bluebird Botanicals today in our review.

What is Bluebird Botanicals?

Bluebird Botanicals is an online hemp and CBD product retailer found at The company aims to offer high-quality hemp and CBD products that allow customers to enjoy maximum benefits with minimal hassle.

The core Bluebird Botanicals product lineup includes extracts, concentrated extracts, isolates, vapes, capsules, and pet products.

Bluebird Botanicals ships its CBD products nationwide. The company sources its hemp from Colorado and processes its hemp in Colorado. Bluebird Botanicals has an address in Louisville, Colorado, although the main Bluebird Botanicals Ltd. office is in London, UK.

All farms that Bluebird Botanicals partners with are legal and compliant. Plus, all final hemp products go through third-party testing to confirm their purity and lack of pesticides and other harmful ingredients. Unlike other companies, Bluebird Botanicals actually publishes its crop test results online, making it easy for customers to verify the purity of their products before they buy.

In recent months, Bluebird Botanicals has become known among the cryptocurrency community for being one of the first major CBD product distributors to accept cryptocurrencies like bitcoin as payment. Today, Bluebird Botanicals accepts bitcoin for all product payments. The company also accepts 70+ altcoins by partnering with ShapeShift. Interestingly, customers paying with crypto can get a 20% discount on their order.

What Makes Bluebird Botanicals Different?

All hemp and CBD product manufacturers make similar claims about the quality of their ingredients and the purity of their hemp. So what makes Bluebird Botanicals different? The company claims to take quality control seriously using a transparent batch database, among other features.

“All our ingestible and vape products are analyzed by third-party laboratories for: cannabinoid potency, pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, heavy metals, microbial content, and mycotoxins (mold),” explains the official Bluebird Botanicals website. The company claims their quality control system is “industry leading”.

Additionally, all batch information is published transparently online, allowing customers to see the results of the latest batch of hemp extracted from the Bluebird Botanicals farm in Colorado. You can view the latest lot and batch information at the official website here.

Bluebird Botanicals also claims it uses “strict sourcing and business practices” to minimize the negative impact on the environment while ensuring high-quality products. Here are the three steps that Bluebird Botanicals uses to bring hemp and CBD products from the farm to the market:

Farming: “Our hemp is bred specifically for high terpene and cannabinoid contents,” explains the official Bluebird Botanicals website. “We’ve partnered with Colorado farmers who organically grow the plants in pristine soils and sustainable greenhouses.” The hemp comes from farms in Colorado before being processed in Colorado and packaged into Bluebird Botanicals products.

Extraction: Bluebird Botanicals runs its flowers through alcohol or CO2 extraction systems. They claim this processing system leads to the highest-quality products without relying on harmful processing techniques. Some Bluebird Botanicals products require broad-spectrum concentrate, while others require more refined oils and isolates.

Manufacturing: The final Bluebird Botanicals products are made in accordance with Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP), and Bluebird Botanicals claims to test every batch with third-party labs before the products arrive at customers’ doors.

Bluebird Botanicals Products

Bluebird Botanicals offers a wide range of hemp and CBD products with different sizes, concentrations, and price points.

Hemp Extract Oil

Bluebird Botanicals offers four types of hemp extract oils, including:

Classic: Contains hemp CBD oil extract and organic hemp seed oil.

Complete: Contains CBD and hemp terpenes.

Signature: Contains CBD oil extract, organic hemp seed oil, frankincense, and black seed oil.

Sample Pack: Contains each of the above three bottles.

Each hemp extract oil contains 250mg of cannabinoids per ounce. The oils are available to purchase in 1/3oz, 1oz, 2oz, 4oz, and 8oz varieties, with prices ranging from $10 to $150.

The full spectrum hemp extract used in the Classic formula contains over 80 different phyto-cannabinoids, including CBD, CBC, CBG, CBG-A, CBC-A, and CBN. Bluebird Botanicals claims that in addition to naturally-present cannabinoids found in industrial hemp extracts, the extract contains amino acids, carbs, vitamins, omega fatty acids, and trace minerals, along with compounds like beta-carotene, chlorophyll, flavonoids, ketones, nitrogenous compounds, alkanes, glycosides, pigments, water, and terpenes.

Concentrated CBD Oil

Bluebird Botanicals also offers concentrated CBD oil. If you don’t want the full spectrum hemp oil and prefer the focused benefits of cannabidiol, then you may want to buy the concentrated CBD oil from Bluebird Botanicals.

There are three varieties of concentrated CBD oil:

Classic 6X: Contains 1,500mg of cannabinoids per ounce, including hemp extract and organic hemp seed oil.

Complete 6X: Contains 1,500mg of raw and heated cannabinoids per ounce, plus hemp and terpenes.

Signature 6X: 1,500mg of cannabinoids per ounce, including the classic blend with frankincense and black seed oil.

The concentrated CBD oil products contain a significantly higher dose of CBD compared to the hemp oils listed above. This is a highly concentrated product. The pricing reflects that: a 1oz bottle costs between $110 and $120. You can also purchase 1/3oz, 2oz, 4oz, or 8oz bottles.

Just like with the hemp oil, there’s a sample pack of the concentrated CBD oils available. Three bottles of the 10ml varieties of Classic 6X, Complete 6X, and Signature 6X is priced at $109.95.

CBD Capsules

Prefer getting your CBD in capsule form instead of in an oil or tincture? Bluebird Botanicals offers CBD capsules in a variety of sizes. Each capsule contains 15mg of CBD, for a total dose of about 450mg CBD in each bottle.

Available sizes include:

30 Capsules: $39.95

60 Capsules: $74.95

The capsules contain full spectrum hemp extract and hemp seed oil. In addition to CBD, the capsules contain glycerin, gelatin, and purified water, all of which are fairly standard in capsulated supplements.

The capsules are tasteless. They can be consumed just like any ordinary capsule to provide a convenient CBD experience. This can be different from other hemp extract products, which can taste quite unpleasant when packed with terpenes, flavonoids, and other aromatic compounds.

CBD Vape Oil

The Bluebird Botanicals CBD vape oil lets you get your CBD via a standard vape juice. There are two vape oil sizes, including 333mg of CBD in 0.33 fluid ounces or 1,000mg of CBD in 1 fluid ounce. It’s the same concentration but in two different sizes.

All Bluebird Botanicals CBD vape oil is manufactured in-house. The company uses third-party lab-tested CBD isolate to provide what they describe as “a pleasantly smooth, unflavored vaping experience”.

Key ingredients in the vape oil include the CBD isolate (hemp-CBD crystalline extract), USP grade propylene glycol, and USP grade vegetable glycerine.

The oil can be added to any ordinary vape pen. Although Bluebird Botanicals recommends specific vape pens, your current vape pen or setup should work just fine. The two sizes of products are priced as follows:

333mg: $29.95

1,000mg: $74.95

CBD Isolates

The Bluebird Botanicals CBD isolates include CBD powder that can be formulated into your own supplements or mixed however you like. You can buy bulk mixed powder, for example, in sizes of 100g or higher. In fact, Bluebird Botanicals even sells one bulk CBD isolate variety for $14,000:

CBD Isolate: 96% to 99.9% pure isolated cannabidiol, tested by third-party labs. Three sizes are available, including 1 gram for $24.95, 2 grams for $48.95, and 5 grams for $112.48.

Bulk CBD Isolate: 96% to 99.9% isolated cannabidiol, available at wholesale cost from the online store. You can buy 100 grams for $1,650, 250 grams for $4,000, 500 grams for $7,500, or 1,000 grams for $14,000.

Both CBD isolates are derived from industrial hemp grown in the United States (Bluebird Botanicals uses farms in Colorado, as it does with all other products). Additionally, all farms comply with Federal Farm Bill requirements. Lab tests are performed to verify CBD potency and confirm the lack of heavy metals and pesticides.

The isolates are odorless and flavorless. They look like white/clear crystals.

CBD Pet Products

Want to help your cat or dog enjoy the benefits of cannabidiol? Bluebird Botanicals offers two CBD pet products, including an oil and capsule designed specifically for a household pet to consume:

Companion Oil: 250mg of cannabinoids per ounce, including CBD hemp oil and organic hemp seed oil.

Companion Capsules: CBD hemp extract and organic hemp seed oil, with 15mg of cannabinoids per capsule.

Prices range from $10 to $150, depending on the size of your oil and capsules. The concentration of CBD remains the same across all supplements, although the volume of oil and the number of capsules will change.

Hemp Clothing and Accessories

Bluebird Botanicals offers hemp clothing and accessories. As of now, Bluebird Botanicals only has a single hemp shirt available.

The hemp shirt is available in sizes ranging from small to 2X large. The shirt is priced at $19.95 at all sizes and is made from 60% hemp and 40% organic cotton. It features a Bluebird Botanicals logo and hemp leaf on the front.

About Bluebird Botanicals

Bluebird Botanicals has an office in Louisville, Colorado along with a corporate headquarters in London, UK:

500 S. Arthur Ave #300
Louisville, CO 80027

Meanwhile, the London, UK address is:

Mappin House, Oxford Street
London, W1W 8HF, United Kingdom

Bluebird Botanicals is a member of several hemp and CBD manufacturer associations, including the National Hemp Association, the Industrial Hemp Research Foundation, the Hemp Industries Association, and the National Cannabis Industries Association.


Bluebird Botanicals is a popular CBD and hemp product manufacturer found online at The company sources its hemp from legal farms in Colorado, with all products processed in Colorado before being shipped across the United States. Bluebird Botanicals Ltd., however, is headquartered in London, UK.

Bluebird Botanicals offers competitive pricing compared to other CBD product manufacturers. Additionally, customers can save 20% by buying products using cryptocurrencies. Whether or not you buy with crypto, Bluebird Botanicals offers good, high-quality CBD products at a reasonable price, making them one of the more popular cannabinoid manufacturers on the internet today.

Andrew is a full-time professional writer in Canada with over 8 years of esteemed experience. He is one of the best cannabis health researchers, polished legal investigators and active CBD news reporters we have at COR. While being featured in hundreds of health, technology, science, and even bitcoin publications; Andrew's now on the frontline of the Canadian cannabis culture and will continue breaking down everything so easily your grandma can understand hemp and CBD.

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