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Cibdol: Swiss Purity Hemp Extracted Liposomal CBD Oil and Creams Supplements

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The use of cannabidiol (CBD) for treating numerous health concerns has become more prevalent than ever before. This has many praising the cannabis plant for what seems like possible natural solutions to our everyday needs. To date, hemp-derived CBD has been predominantly effective in easing seizures, improving mood, and treating soreness to name the slightest out of the endless solutions. Keeping this in mind, here’s where Cibdol plays a vital role.

Cibdol is a swiss-based brand devoted towards offering consumers high-quality CBD essentials. Since its existence, Cibdol has grown enough to offer diverse solutions in the form of oils, creams and supplements – all of which can be helpful for both humans and pets. To further assess the brand’s overall quality, the following review will explore its purpose, products offered and other essential information.

What Is Cibdol?

Cibdol specializes within the CBD industry. As per the claims made, Cibdol’s foundation is the use of CBD that has been extracted from prime European hemp, which naturally enforces suppliers and cultivators to be watchful of the percent of THC present (i.e. no more than 2-3%).

Based on how the brand is presented via the official website, it is clear that building trust relationships is something of high value. In particular, this has been reflected in the complete information provided along with the direction taken in coming up with effective solutions. Let’s take a closer look at what consumers can expect from Cibdol.

What Does Cibdol Currently Offer?

As previously mentioned, Cibdol currently offers CBD-infused oils, creams and supplements. Since their line of essentials are quite extensive, for the purpose of this review, an analysis of some of their essentials will be conducted as seen below:

Liposomal Vitamin C With CBD

Liposomes have been described as “capsule-like structures” that deliver essential, embedded nutrients to cells without it undergoing the digestive system. Cibdol’s combination of vitamin C and CBD is interesting given that both components contain antioxidant properties, resulting in a strong solution. The duo supposedly not only protects cells from oxidation, but also from the interference of free radicals.

Since the solution comes in oil form, consumers are advised to administer it orally, underneath the tongue to be specific. It is also important to note that swallowing immediately after applying to the tongue is not advised, as the entire absorption process will be cut. For optimal taste, consumers are recommended to add natural flavoring.

As for its strength, each serving is said to house 3mg of CBD and 250mg of vitamin C, which is significantly low compared to the industry standards.


Meladol was supposedly created with the intentions of regulating one’s sleep cycle. It houses both CBD and melatonin, a naturally found hormone in the body.

As claimed by Cibdol, what makes their sleep supplement different from others is their use of liposomal liquid formula, which targets the necessary tissues to limit stress and blue-light related symptoms responsible for the lack of sleep. It seems like CBD’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties are mostly to praise, as the duo is said to disrupt unhealthy sleep patterns.

To make optimal use of Meladol, consumers should take 1ml 15 minutes prior to sleeping. This can be done directly underneath the tongue or mixed in one’s preferred beverage.


Unlike the former two essentials, which are CBD-infused oils, the Aczedol is a CBD-infused cream targeting acne. In particular, it is deemed a class 1 medical device salve and is primarily known for its prospective in easing itching and burning sensations associated with the presence of acne.

A unique ingredient that has been included in the Aczedol is colloidal oatmeal. Its uses are believed to support and protect irritated skin by providing extra care to the outermost layer of the skin. CBD’s role comes into play here because of its antibacterial properties, which travels deep within one’s skin and rids the unwanted.

When it comes to its uses, consumers are recommended to apply small amounts of Aczedol to affected areas two to three times per day. To be clear, this should be applied on acne and not on freshly injured skin.

Why Choose Cibdol?

Several factors can help to argue Cibdol’s likely value to one’s overall health. First, Cibdol’s choice of location in which hemp is grown is clever, as Europe’s law informs the mass population that cannabis plants can be grown for the sole purpose of hemp and must contain low levels of THC. Keep in mind, THC is a compound that is found primarily in marijuana and is frown upon because of its ability to induce mind-altering effects.

Second, the steps taken to inform consumers of what CBD is, how it is helpful and what one should look out for is praiseworthy. In most cases, a product description indicating the CBD concentration along with its suggested benefits is offered. While these two factors are important, Cibdol takes it a step further to ensure that consumers are aware of what characteristics of CBD contribute to desired results.

The next factor relates to the second, as it revolves full transparency. For every product offered, test results have also been made available. This is essential for consumers, as it contributes towards one’s decision-making process.

Following that, another area besides human health has been explored by Cibdol and its none other than its line devoted to pets called Cibapet, which currently carries solutions for both cats and dogs. This goes to show how much time has been devoted to R&D, as many animals and humans share a system in the body called the endocannabinoid system (ECS), containing cannabinoids as well. Also, this depicts Cibdol’s interest in helping the mass population.

Finally, when considering its overall affordability, those who have since tried the essentials trust that they are higher priced (i.e. 19.50 to 140 euros). However, given the quality of CBD used, along with the addition of essential vitamins and minerals, and terpenes (plant’s natural flavor), it seems like consumers will be getting their money’s worth.

A factor to be watchful of is the search of CBD concentration per product, as it is not visibly present in all descriptions. In most cases, they appear to be reported within the test results. To learn more about Cibdol, check out:

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