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Cannabis Business Social Network To Launch CBD And Hemp Advertising Platform

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Cannabis Business Social Network To Launch CBD And Hemp Advertising Platform

The cannabis industry is growing. With ten states that now have medical and recreational use authorized, companies are clamoring to advertise to their new audience. Unfortunately, many of these companies have come up against problems with search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, and Twitter, refusing to list them. However, has come up with a solution, announcing via AccessWire that they are now launching a video and advertising network within their own social network., Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Social Life Advertising Network, Inc.

This advertising network provides a safe place for these businesses to show their products and opportunities.

The COO of MjLink, D. Scott Karnedy, commented,

“We couldn’t be more excited to provide our new advertising platform to the cannabis and hemp industry. We currently have more than 150 million monthly page view ad-spots in our social network, that business professionals can now use to advertise their products and services to our more than 1.3 monthly network users.”

With the new ad network, the targeted audience will now be able to view display ads, video ads, and native advertising, provided by business professionals in the cannabis industry. For every 1,000 ad views, advertisements begin at $10, and there’s also a bidding system that pays for each click, much in the same was that Google AdWords works.

The Social Life Network announced via 8-K on September 25th, 2018 that they were incorporating, Inc. The subsidiary is presently working on an IPO that will hit an exchange in Canada in 2019.

Ken Tapp, MjLink’s CEO, said,

“The launch of our new international ad network in the rapidly growing global marketplace provides a much-needed advertising solution for thousands of brands, that are struggling in an industry that continues to be shunned by large ad networks like Google and Facebook.”

Social Life Network is based in Denver, Colorado, and it uses both artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to drive their social network. They first entered the cannabis and hemp industry in 2013 with their platform, though they have also expanded into the real estate industry and multiple areas of the sports industry. To learn more about this company, call 855-933-3277.

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