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Canna-Pet: Nutritional Hemp Pets Biscuits, Treats and Capsules for Dogs and Cats

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Canna-Pet: Nutritional Hemp Pets Biscuits, Treats and Capsules for Dogs and Cats

Your fur babies mean everything to you, right? Well, Canna-Pet gets that. And that is where their company was born – for the love of animals. We know the benefits of hemp for humans so why not pets? Didn’t they deserve the same natural benefits of these natural sources? Of course, they do!

At Canna-Pet they describe themselves as being packed full of experience, research, and all-organic ingredients. This makes each of their products both natural and nutritional.

And so, you are familiar with hemp for humans – maybe even yourself … Canna-Pet brings you hemp for pets. They are the innovators of these products. And, they are explicit in letting people know this is not something that just popped up overnight. In fact, there have been close to 30 years of careful research on this very subject. They love their animals as much as you love yours.

More About Canna-Pet

To date, Canna-Pet has produced millions of capsules and biscuits for fur babies across the United States and worldwide in more than 40 countries. The Canna-Pet products are non-psychoactive, in other words, your pets won’t be getting high. The products contain a proprietary formula that has specific awareness on whole plant extracts that include more than two dozen different hemp terpenes and flavonoids.

Each of these ingredients are tested regularly and aggressively to ensure optimal quality and that they are always delivering a consistent product to their consumers, also known as, fur babies.

Although you will not experience your pet being ‘high’ you will notice a change in their behavior. Changes like new love and zest for life. You will likely notice them being more active, more affectionate and almost, confident. Rest assured that your pets are receiving products that are of the highest hemp quality and are recommended by hundreds of veterinarians across the United States.

How to Use the Canna-Pet Products

First and foremost, the Canna-Pet products are not pharmaceuticals. They are benign and all organic hemp. They are natural and can have pet owners feeling confident in giving these products to their pets. And, there is no need to change the existing regimen of your pets prescriptions. According to Canna-Pet, you can add their products alongside the current medication regimen and just take note of the cumulative affects you will start to see your pet exhibit.

Wondering how you will have your pet consume the Canna-Pet products? Simply open one of the capsules and sprinkle it over their foods. Or, if your pet is fine taking a capsule just feed it to them or hide it in a treat. The Canna-Pet product line does come in liquid form and in biscuit form.

The flavors are described as mild and shouldn’t be an issue for your pets to take – big or small.

How Dzo you Choose the Correct Product for your Pets?

Your pets, to some degree, are just as unique as you are. Each of them is different in their own way and deserve care and concern when choosing any products for them to take. Canna-Pet recognized the individuality and as a result created a wide range of products for pets of all sizes.

There is an extensive product line (which we will discuss shortly) but you are always welcome – according to their website – to contact customer support if you need help choosing the right one. The disclaimer on their website reads;

No matter the size, shape, age or personality of your pet, Canna-Pet natural nutritional products are entirely organic and completely safe for use. We also back each and every one of them with our 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee’.

Canna-Pet Products

It is important to note that Canna-Pet is the only hemp nutritional company in the world for pets. The benefits of their products include;

  1. Veterinarian recommended to be safe and are covered by most major pet insurance companies.
  2. A proprietary blend/formulation that is refined in labs in the United States.
  3. A product that contains an abundance of phytochemicals.
  4. Full money-back guarantee based on your satisfaction.

The products absorb super fast into the body and offer 10-15X the bioavailability or hemp products currently on the market and traditionally offered. The products are non-GMP vegan and completely free of animal products, preservative, wheat, gelatin, dairy and SLS.

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