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Ardent Cannabis: NOVA Decarboxylator Device and Oil Infusion Kit?

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Ardent Cannabis

About Ardent Cannabis

If you are a CBD enthusiast and have not heard of decarboxylation, then you may be missing out on potentially strong benefits from the plant compound. A lot of people often don’t understand that the process is essential if you intend to make potent marijuana edibles, be it cookies, biscuits among others. Even though it seems like a complicated word, the process is the conventional heating of cannabis or its concentrate to get a chemical reaction that converts the non-psychoactive TCH-A into psychoactive TCH element.

While there are fundamental ways of doing this (read the oven) there is often the debate on how long we should heat and at what temperature exactly. Ardent Decarboxylation presents a new device that lab tests show its ability to convert 100% of their THC-A within the cannabis to pure THC.

The Ardent Nova Decarboxylation

The Ardent Nova Decarboxylation is the laboratory grade decarb device that sorts of looks like a portable coffee grinder, to take away the complexity of describing your cannabis. You only need to place the hemp material or concentrates in, set the inner and outer lids on, press the start button and wait for under 2 hours for your cannabis to be perfectly decarboxylized. For the concentrates, you should decarb as you would normally. However, it would require a silicon container or shot glass. It’s a simple product that takes out the guesswork of using ovens and other devices to heat our cannabis.

Should you care?

While there are plenty of ways to heat your cannabis, the Nova and Lift device from Ardent Cannabis helps unlock the cannabis product to be fully optimized, bioavailable and potent. Such an outcome is of particular importance to those seeking to ingest cannabis orally or as a medical marijuana patient.

The science with Ardent is that the raw cannabis flower requires to be heated sufficiently to enhance the active ingredients of the plant and allow the user to enjoy the medicinal benefits. Therefore, the Nova and Lift devices would make your cannabis products potent and enhance them to get your desired outcome.

Currently, Ardent offers two easy-to-use models (7.5″x4″) for the domestic outlets in the US and international outlets. The device is listed as having to clean up necessary and can hold up to an ounce of cannabis flower or five ounces of kief. You can also use it to infuse butter and oil.

Closing Thoughts on Ardent Cannabis

As a first mention, the price tag is quite welcoming and does not break your bank, considering it’s for long-term use. Remember also the market for decarboxylation is quite competitive with high-end products that can run into thousands of dollars. Therefore is the Nova Lift is right for you if you are committed to high-quality cannabis that maintains the best part of the plant but doesn’t want to invest much in it. If you regularly ingest marijuana as a medical patient, through edibles or just smoking, then a precision decarboxylation device is an essential tool in your cannabis arsenal.

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